I Cut My Hair Short

After months of trying everything to get my hair in shape and trying to have some sort of "style" to my hair, I came to terms with the decision that I needed a major haircut to get rid of damage. My hair is now just below my ears, with a few layers shorter than that. It is all healthy, curls at the ends, and feels so much better.

I had denied that my hair was damaged and tried everything to make it look better. I was afraid that I wouldn't feel pretty afterwards, but I've received numerous compliments. I will post a pic when I get a chance to take one.

I came here several times and received helpful information. My hair just would not respond. After seeing many cute short cuts on here, I decided to go for it. My stylist told me that she loved it. My hair had become really thin, so the ends that were long looked really straggly. This just feels so much better. I may be a short-hair convert. My H wasn't too happy at first and made me rethink the whole cut (like I could do anything about it), but after a day he told me he really liked it.

Just had to let you know. I found something that works for me for right now. My hair was just too damaged to respond to anything CG or anything else. Anyone else happy with their decision to go short?
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  • curlyecurlye Posts: 86Registered Users
    No one likes their short hair? I'm posting a before and after pic. I really like how much better my hair looks. I was denying it was time to cut it off. I'm so glad I took the plunge. I've read some interesting ways to put it up and have learned to love bobby pins and headbands. I wish I would have done this sooner.
    Wavy, some ringlets but not too much spring factor, long.
  • curlyecurlye Posts: 86Registered Users
    Another after pic.
    Wavy, some ringlets but not too much spring factor, long.
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    Your haircut is super cute! I've had many short haircuts in my time- from pixie to chin length bobs and liked them all. Right now, I'm growing out my hair for the first time since I was ...6 or 7 maybe. But ya never know, I might get the urge to chop, lol. It depends on how manageable it gets as it grows longer. We'll see. =)

    So yeah, I've always been pretty happy with my shorter styles. Your cut looks really nice on you, congrats!
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    Thanks! I'm really loving it. I can't believe how much time I spent on my hair before and didn't get very good results. This takes little effort and my hair looks so much better. Maybe I was made to be a short-haired curly gal.
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    It's super cute! And it's so rare to find someone who is pleased after cutting her hair short. I'm impressed and congratulations!
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    Your cut looks nice. I do agree with you. Short, healthy hair looks a lot better than long damaged hair. I have kept my hair short for the past few years because of growing out damage and trying to even the layers. I'm thinking of cutting the rest of the damage off a few months from now, and I'll have a chin length bob. I'm actually looking forward to it.
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    Thanks! Every day I get up and don't have to fuss over my hair for an hour, and it makes me realize I made the right decision. I might keep it short. If it grows out stringy and thin, there's no need to try to torture myself. Haven't fully decided that, just a thought. Anyhow, just wanted to let anyone who was thinking of cutting their short to rid it of damage that there are some happy endings for some people that make that choice. :smurfin:
    Wavy, some ringlets but not too much spring factor, long.