Can someone tell me my hair type please

Mixed ChickMixed Chick Registered Users Posts: 6
Been trying to figure out my hair type. I've been transitioning for a year and a half. My hair is very thick, but I think it's between 3b and 3c.

in this pic my hair is not completely dry. I was brushing after I washed it, moisturizing it with Cantu Shea Butter.


  • Mixed ChickMixed Chick Registered Users Posts: 6
  • Mixed ChickMixed Chick Registered Users Posts: 6
  • dc05dc05 Registered Users Posts: 275
    Wow. your hair looks exactly like mines.

    I would tag myself as a 3c.. I do have both 4a and 3b mixed in there though and I would assume the same for you.

    Good luck with your journey!:love7:

    oh and I dont know if this is going to happen to you but when I cut my relaxed ends off my texture became more flat... See how you have little loops and humps.. mines looked exactly like that but when I was done transitioning they like fell flat against my head... weird!? Anyway good luck and I hope that helped! More ladies will probably chime in
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    Me and you have the same exact hair! we're hair twins lol! I think it's 3c with some 4a just in the front there.


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    I always been confused about my hairtype because some people say they are 3b when it looks 3c or 3c when it look like its in the 4's, so I never know what is right.

    Even most websites about hair type is inaccurate. I know at the crown of my hair my hair feels nearly fine, as well as the top portion of my hair except smaller curls like pencil circumference. Around the edges of my hair in the front and in the back can look really frizzy without product.

    With product it small compacted curls. Im also suffering from some heat damage. which I feel horrible about and trying to find a way to recover from.

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