Review of Lyn at Kiss Kiss Salon in Portland, Oregon

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Hello fellow curlies,

A little while ago I wrote about an experience my sister and I had with Lyn at Kiss Kiss Salon. My sister and I scheduled an appointment on a Sunday afternoon and Lyn was a no-show. Although this was frustrating (my sister has MS and can't drive, lives in Seattle, has to arrange car for dogs, a ride, etc.) we were concerned that something may have happened to the stylist. We left two messages on Sunday and I left another on Monday. I did not receive a call back.

On Tuesday I called to speak to the manager to make sure the stylist was ok and to see if we could reschedule. Lyn happened to be there and was very apologetic. In fact, she offered to cut our hair for free if we wanted to reschedule. It took some doing to reschedule due to my sister's limitations, but we had our first appointment today.

I'd like to mention here that a friend of mine who's daughter has curly hair made an appointment with Lyn based on my recommendation and was seen two days prior to our visit.

So, today we went in for our appointment. My sister and I are both very happy with our cuts. With a few snips here and there she changed the shape of my hair, got rid of some straight areas, and improved the overall look. My sister was also very happy with her cut. Lyn had good advice about layering, showed her some ways to combat frizz - her curls are corkscrew whereas mine are looser Botticelli - and was very knowledgeable about the product line.

I was disappointed that she charged us both full price for the cuts. We didn't expect totally free cuts, but it would have been nice to have been given a discount since she had offered free cuts and I'd already sent her another new client. I felt she wasn't as knowledgeable as I had anticipated in terms of curly hair science. I'm not a stylist but I've done a lot of research this summer; read both Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl and Tiffany Alexander's Live Curly Live Free in addition to surfing the web and, of course!

I would say, overall, that the technical portion of the visit, the cut, was just fine. However, the issues around making the appointment and follow through were off putting.

After discussing this my sister and I decided we will make an appointment at this salon again but with a different stylist. There are two other stylists, Sarah and Lee ( I think ) who are Deva Curl certified and another stylist, Martina, will be receiving her certification next year.

The salon is a little home, funky and very comfortable. It was a little hard to find initially, but I like its vibe. The products are located in the kitchen, the stylist chairs in the living and dining areas.

I know it's a mixed review, but I wanted to try to be fair and honest. If you're looking for a good cut Lyn is proficient. Hopefully your experience would be less bumpy. I won't need another cut for a few months, but I'll be sure to come back and share that experience - most likely with Sarah.

This site has been so helpful to me as I've learned how to be a curly girl. I hope that this will help someone else along their path.

In curly solidarity,
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Au natural about five weeks and counting...

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