overwhelmed already???

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Hello CG's!!!!I have been reading this forum since I joined all of 4 days ago..ha! I come from a family of beautiful natural people. My daughter had beautiful hair & begged for a perm, I gave in and now she is back natural after a 2 yr transition..also after going oot w/my mom and saw how little she had to do to her hair & me primpin with a perm...nahhh this is crazy...why not rock the hair God gave me? So being one to do things because it works for me & not hype I put in my last relaxer 8/1...I am also transitioning my 10 yr old daughter as wel....so as not to sound repetitive I have been watching youtube & reading forums like this my big question is....

a) should I focus more on products for the natural hair coming in or both?

b) my hair is long w/perm...I plan to cut down some & transition with braids, sew ins etc..is that reasonable or should I leave most of the long hair?

c) what basic products did u use or would recommend for someone starting the transition...I am tempted to buy the Transition pack offered on the site but do I really need all that stuff?



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