3 months in transition

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At first I was really excited about transitioning now im soooo tempted to pick up a relaxer, this is a kind of frustrating task when u run out of styling options.


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    Hang in there! This is my SECOND time transitioning. The first time, I made it to 3 months and broke down and relaxed my hair. After I did it, I regretted it and decided I'd really never relax again.

    I'm at 3 months (again :) and I can't wait to BC. What really helped me this time was doing much, much more research.

    Find a good transistion style, it will help!!
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    I know exactly what you mean. I lasted all of 6 months before I decided to just do the Big Chop. Before that, I managed to survive off rollersets and press and curls. My sister is 7 months into her transition and still holding on, she uses sew-ins. This weekend she's getting a full weave to give her hair a break.

    Ultimately you have to do what's best for you, but if you can, definitely try to continue with your transition. To me, the labor is well worth it. Right now, I have a TWA and my routine consists of wash and gos and I love it! It takes me all of 5mins to style my hair and it's set for the rest of the day.

    Good luck and try to hang in there! You have come to the right place for support and information, the ladies here are wonderful and attributed to my transition and my everyday hair routine.
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    I had the exact same thing at three months or so.. (my topic was: huge dilemma)
    But it's true: you will regret when you relax your hair again. So you have to hang on, just hold on. I know it's hard, it's so hard. But when you're about 6 months or so, you will be thankful and you definitely realize that you're doing the good thing for you and your hair.
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    I felt the same way during my initial transition. For the first five months I lived off of rollersets. When I grew tired of rollersets then I incorporated braid outs, twist outs, buns, bantu knots, braids, and I occasionally straightened my hair. I am now nearly two years into my transition and I promise you it gets a lot easier and you will definitely have more versatility with your styling as you become closer to natural. Just keep trying new styles that you come across. My hair is a whole lot healthier now. :cheese:

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    Like everyone else said hang in there. I am almost 2 years into my transition and no it has not been easy but I have stuck with it for 2 years. The main reason for the long transition is because I need some length to my hair before I chop of my relaxed ends. Right now my hair is between BSL and WL. My plan is to get rid of my relaxed ends either for the new year or my 3rd year (10/2011). Hang in there or chop when you feels it's right. Good luck :)
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    I'm about 18 months into my transition. Initially I was going to cut all my hair off anyway just because I don't like long hair on me. But that was when I was going to go natural but keep it straight with heat. Now that I'm not planning to use any heat on my hair at all, I need the length so I can have versatility in my styles. Hang in there. It's good for you in so many ways. It's definitely worth it. The twist outs are what keeps me hanging in there for now. My hair is long enough to do two strand twists and then pull them back in a ponytail and let a few hang down. So convenient!
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    sorry I can't help you

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