How do I wear this eyeshadow trio?

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Are they just messing me with? Are these just random colors? When did I even buy this? When did I start becoming do obsessed with makeup (I blame you ladies :profileleft: )

lid, crease, brow?

Crease, lid, brow?




  • *Marah**Marah* Posts: 8,032Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Well you could do it different ways..

    I personally would simply use a separate soft cream or fleshtone color for the highlight.

    I would maybe do this:

    Over the entire eye EXCEPT for the brow bone: the orangey color with a light hand.

    Lid and inner corner: the gold-ish yellow color

    Crease and the V (the outside corner of the eye): The dark green and blend it very well into the crease and outer V making sure of no harsh lines.

    Bottom lid: I would take that green color and do a line under my eye with it on the lower lid under the lashes and smudge it..but connect the top lid on the outer corner with the bottom lid just like you would do with eyeliner.

    Highlight on Brow bone: Probably just a fleshtone color that is one shade lighter than my skin tone and blend it well.

    Side Notes: I'd probably use black liner close to the upper lashline and wing it out just a bit and line my waterline with the black liner...and of course use mascara. A very soft peachy brown blush and nude lip color with gloss.
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    please take pics of your look.

    i would likely do the yellow on half the lower lid and the coral/orange on the other half of the lower lid. i'd use a neutral brown in the crease and maybe, if i just wanted to use everything at once i'd use the dark green to line the eyes (applied very thinly).
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    Orangey color on your mobile lid, Black in the outer corner and in your crease, then the yellow on your inner corners to highlight. Then line your bottom lashes the same way, yellow first, then orange then black.

    But you don't have to wear all three colors at the same time. You can always mix and match colors from other palettes, etc.
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    Ah, i knew the ones responsible for encouraging my make-up addiction would have answers for me, LOL

    It was not until this very moment when I re-read your response that I realized that I've never put color on my bottom lid
  • GinsengGinseng Posts: 4Registered Users
    Usually when companies make trios like this, they want you to use the medium color for your lids, the dark color for the crease, and the light color to highlight.
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