Holiday shopping...why is it...

CanItBeChristineCanItBeChristine Posts: 6,343Registered Users
...that I am spending the most money on the one person who has no idea what is going on???

I had to buy this doll because it reminded me of this child:


And this crazy doll only is available as a I got that one and a blond one and she'll get one for Christmas and one for her birthday.

And I ordered two cute little outfits so I can dress them before I give them to her.

She'll really appreciate this. She'll look back and go, "Wow...that Christmas I turned one..." :lol:


  • CGNYCCGNYC Posts: 4,937Registered Users
    Cute doll (and kid!)!

    This will be my daughter's first Christmas and it's been REALLY hard to keep a lid on things. And my husband is no help, has no restraint. At all.
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users
    Because you're living vicariously :)

    I have a daughter, I understand...I have a dollhouse that I'm building from scratch sitting in my living room. My daugher never asked for it, but I feel like she should have it as part of her childhood.
  • munchkinmunchkin Posts: 2,909Registered Users
    Because the most fun people to buy for are kids, regardless of how young they are! Every year it even gets to be more fun. . . and more expensive!
  • MunchyMunchy Posts: 5,206Registered Users
    Wow, that's a look-alike!