New Blog for Bi-racial/African American kids hair

curlyjannahcurlyjannah Registered Users Posts: 10
**Posted this in the blog forum, and copying and pasting it again here.*

Hey guys,

I love this forum and have learned almost everything from here. I've also just started my new blog and am announcing it here first. My daughter Jannah is 4 years old. We have zero followers, so let's see who can be first. I'm soo nervous I'm about to pee in my pants!

Hope you all enjoy!:toothy7:
kids hair blog: :nemo:


  • adorable4adorable4 Registered Users Posts: 9
    congrats but i think you should posted the website link.
  • DerbyCityNaturalsDerbyCityNaturals Registered Users Posts: 422
    I'm like Zelda, "Where's Link?"
  • curlyjannahcurlyjannah Registered Users Posts: 10
    Ooops! Story of my life, I forgot the link. :)

    thank you guys.
    kids hair blog: :nemo:
  • SimbathekatSimbathekat Registered Users Posts: 140
    Thanks for starting such a wonderful blog. I'm terrible with styling kids' hair, especially when we're dealing with braids. My daughter is biracial and her hair is fairly short, so I can't really get braids/twists to hold all that well. And when I attempt to put her hair up, there are always parts that stick up due to the varying lengths of it.

    I'd like to find a protective hairstyle until her hair grows out a bit more.

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