In desperate need of a hair cut and no stylist!

dalydaly Posts: 3Registered Users
I know there are a lot of people in this forum asking for suggestions for new haircuts. My problem is that i have type 3b hair and im tire of having it straight cut, but i dont have a stylist.

The few times i have dare to enter a salon, i can see fear in the stylists eyes. Im not exaggerating, plus they usually robe me of my money. I have a lot of hair and long.The issue at hand is that I need a stylish haircut, something cute and girly. I originally wanted long side bangs but im not sure is possible with my hair type. So, what can i do? Maybe some kind of bangs is possible like Juno temple's? Can I cut my own hair? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Really.


  • megandmegand Posts: 4Registered Users
    There are a ton of stylists listed in the Salon/Stylist Finder on, all you have to do is search by your state and then city. The reviews are pretty honest! Good luck!
  • dalydaly Posts: 3Registered Users
    No use, Im not from the States

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