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Hello. I'm new to the board and also new to dealing with my wavy hair. (I always had it short or up in a pony tail) Please excuse me if I make any blunders. I think I'm a 2c. I am definatly wavy, and I'm pretty think and coarse. Anyway, I really like /home/leaving?" class="Popupthis haircut, but I wonder if my hair is too thick for it...Her hair looks to me like its pretty thin/fine. Thanks for your advice!


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    Hers is pretty layered and it may depend on how thick your hair is. I have layers but I have fine/thin hair and it helps it to look a little thicker.

    I hope someone else can be of more help on if that look would work for you.
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    Thanks for the help. yeah my hair is pretty thick, so I'm afraid it might look too thick if I layer it that much...sigh...