When it rains, it pours...sick baby needs to advice

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Ok, so DD is sick with a cold, we have thrush, and she has been diagnosed with eczema. Yay us! :ncool:

For thrush, the doctors have her on Nystatin cream and drops and me on Diflucan. I'm also taking my Pearls probiotic and making sure she eats her YoBaby yogurt. I am still nursing and pumping even though it hurts like all get out.

For the cold, just nasal rinse and suction, BabyRub, and the humidifier.

For the ezcema Aveeno Ezcema Cream and taking it easy with the bathtub.

Is there anything else that we can do for her? :dontknow:

Also what are some things we can do to prevent the thrush and ezcema?

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    Definitely keep taking the probiotics even after it clears. Make sure you change breast pads often and allow your nips to airdry after nursing/pumping.
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