My Curly nightmare....

It all began just a couple of weeks ago as our family was on our way for a 2 week vaca in the Canadian Rockies. We were flying out of Chicago and somehow we all ended up in the high security line (yep, all of us including our 4 kids ranging from 7-14). We all got the x-ray full body scan and then we had to stand spread-eagle on the mat while the security people got instructions in their earpieces on where to pat us down from the x-ray man. So if that ain't bad enough, when it was my turn the gal asks me if she can "pat down my hair?" So what am I gonna say, NO?? Now at this point I'm thinking, shoot never thot of putting something dangerous in THIS hair (esp not after all the $$ and effort I put into it) but do to my product addictions, maybe it is flammable :dontknow: and then my next thot was "well, I know it's kinda BIG but I never thought it was the size of Texas :afro:." Seriously, I'm no frequent flyer but is that NORMAL??? :protest:

The next problem came when our flight out of Chicago was delayed 3 hours which caused us to miss our connection in Minneapolis. By this time it's after 1am and so the airline put us up in what ended up being 2 very stinky smoking rooms on the ground floor of an old hotel~WITH NOT A STITCH OF LUGGAGE. So now yer thinking that I have my stash of hair products in my carry-on, right? NOPE. Now being curly yourselves I'm sure you realize that for a 2 week trip I'm gonna need more than 3 oz of products right? Actually it was more like 3 gallon drums of my "stuff" so as a result I had it ALL stashed away under the plane cuz losing your luggage certainly wouldn't happen to me. By the time we had some pizza at 3am and finally went to sleep, I had to sleep literally with my ear on my elbow cuz I also happen to be the gal who NEVER has 2nd day hair and I was not gonna take any chances with the 1 tiny bottle of shampoo and cond in the room and no other products of any kind and no diffuser. We got up a 6am to make our flight to Calgary where we immediately were gonna meet my hubby's niece whose wedding we were going to out there for (we hadn't even seen her since our wedding 17 yrs ago) and her fiance whom we had never met for lunch that very day. Yep, the entire family who had only survived on disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste and I was certainly no beauty-queen on that day. Forgot to mention, I did not even have a scrunchie or a headband or anything whatsoever hair-related in my purse.

Well, thanks for listening to my novel and remember to NEVER leave home without at least a scrunchie (cuz you never know when a scrunchie may just save your life.)
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  • LotsawavesLotsawaves Posts: 9,777Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    You poor thing. I always have a scrunchy on me. I have one in every purse I own and of course a couple in my bathroom. I never leave home without one. :toothy10:
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  • EponaBlackhorseEponaBlackhorse Posts: 304Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    ::hugs:: I feel your pain :( Traveling for work all summer last year taught me a lot about making do on those tiny 3 oz bottles so I didn't have to check any luggage. I just had to invest in more expensive products that I could use a lot less of.
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  • jenny curljenny curl Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    Oh dear....its always a sad day when I forget to throw a scrunchie or hair tie in my purse......
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  • eweniqueewenique Posts: 1,502Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Relatives have visited from Canada twice and brought 16 oz of a liquid medication in 8 - 2 oz bottles in a carry-on bag. I wonder lots of little bottles of hair stuff would get through, too?

    What an experience you all had! Maybe in a few years you'll laugh about it...:dontknow:
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  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 7,169Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    I almost always straighten my hair when I travel, now I have good reason to continue to do so! You poor thing.

    Re the hair patting - that's a bit odd. I must have a suspicious looking face as I frequently get chosen for the pat down when going through an airport, but I've never been asked to have my hair checked (even when it has been curly).
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    OMG, that was a nightmare. Ooh you armed and dangerous curly! What did they think you were hiding in your hair -- a gun? A garotte? A detonator__Emoticon__Bomb___by_di0xygen.gif?

    Let this be a lesson to me. Carry 3 oz of everything in my carry- on AND full sizes in the checked luggage.
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  • Marci PieMarci Pie Posts: 668Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Sounds like a terrible ordeal! Note to self, carry airport friendly size hair care products in carry on.

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  • xcptnlxcptnl Posts: 15,678Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Ok, I am not laughing at you but with you.

    When we went to Arizona in the spring I had no idea what to bring because of the weather being so different. I had one suitcase (smaller one-honest) just for hair stuff, makeup, shoes, belts, etc. I called it my accessory bag. SO called it my body reconstruction kit. :angry3: Because of the full sizes etc it was the one that got checked. My other bag with my all my clothes was my carry on. I would have had to be committed if that suitcase got lost or destroyed. Just thinking about that possibility is making me hyperventilate.

    I have to do this all over again for our vacation to Aruba in November but at least I know not to stress it too much (3rd time there)-too windy and I am in the water a lot!! I bring baseball caps and headbands.
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  • curlycookiecurlycookie Posts: 106Registered Users
    Hey curly girls, thanks for feelin' my pain with me. If I can help one curly on her next flight, the whole stinkin' ordeal will have been worth it :D.

    No matter what, make sure y'all have some kind of product on your person at all times cuz you just never know when it or a scrunchie could just save your curly life :salut:.
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