the better gel eco styler or labella?

lisabrown070109lisabrown070109 Registered Users Posts: 205
Just curious....I wanted to do something different and use a new gel that didn't work in the past....I figure since my hair is much longer, I would give it a break from ecostyler olive oil gel and try labella clear gel and lo and behold,...this gel is really good...It left my hair soft and defined my curls more then, what do you all think?????
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  • SilverAngel45SilverAngel45 Registered Users Posts: 244
    the labella tends to dry my hair out.. :( ive used 2 kinds so far n it was the same results
  • QVCDivaQVCDiva Registered Users Posts: 1,329
    LaBella dried my hair out.
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  • *Marah**Marah* Registered Users Posts: 8,032 Curl Neophyte
    I like La Bella.. but I liked Ecostyler okay too.. neither dried my hair out because I used coconut oil as a buffer.
  • cassadie3cassadie3 Registered Users Posts: 506
    Long Aid!!!! THE BEST cheapie gel!!
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  • lexi1lexi1 Registered Users Posts: 123
    Eventhough I like both, I have to go with Labella. It gives me shine like crazy and great curls! Ecostyler is great but for some reason it dries my hair out and sometimes flakes on me. I've tried the clear and olive.:sad:
  • MsC.MsC. Registered Users Posts: 489
    I use long aid for moisture then add eco over the top to seal for Wash n Go styles or Gel n Go dry styling.
    Tried La bella dried my hair out too.
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  • NaturalfinallyNaturalfinally Registered Users Posts: 516
    I thought that Ecostyler gel dried my hair out too but I found a trick to using the Curl Activator and Ecostyler gel combo. Use the Ecostyler Olive Oil gel first and then use the Curl Activator. My hair has a very soft feel, really moisturized, not sticky and uber shiney. I have never tried the Labella but I will find it and try it. :laughing9: I must!
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  • lisabrown070109lisabrown070109 Registered Users Posts: 205
    :flower: thanks for the feed back ladies
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  • DerbyCityNaturalsDerbyCityNaturals Registered Users Posts: 422
    No me gusta Eco Styler :(

    I stick with natural gels like Aloe. I will say that I tried La Bella before and it worked well. It was crunchy though which i didn't like but that was before I was hip to using oils under/with the gel.
  • CityGirl81CityGirl81 Registered Users Posts: 418
    My personal fave is Eco Styler mixed with long aid, s curl, elasta qp mango/olive oil butter and GVP Potion 9

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