is it a teen guy or young guy thing?

Is it a teen guy thing or something because it seems as if older and mature guys really like the natural texture of AA hair . Like i see guys about my age and they look but it's like they look cause they are shocked someone young has went natural . Or is it a teen guy thing they have to grow out of .. idk just wondering?lol
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    I met my hubby in my early twenties (he's same age) when I had natural hair, and he liked my hair that way. I went through shorter hair, longer hair, blown-dried, natural...and he does tend to prefer my curls. :)

    So, depends on the guys, I guess.
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    I think that sometimes, it depends on the guy. But I wonder if teens and younger guys are used to seeing all the girls their age trying to conform to an ideal of what hair should look like. I remember when a friend of mine went natural in high school, and a lot of people (both male and female) were shocked about it and preferred her hair before she went natural. But several years later after lots of identity-searching and growing up, I think our peers are more willing to accept it. I think the pressure of fitting in is so strong in high school and sometimes into college that anything that doesn't fit the "norm" is deemed unusual. I bet you'll have a slightly different experience in a few years.
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