Elongating Curls

I feel like I need something to pull my curls down. They curl up too tight to me..... What would be something good to use to elongate while controlling frizz??

I took a year off of here, just using Ouidad products, but I to do my version of skip curling or maybe it's what people on here call pixie curling and I'm tired of that. I want to use products that work best in my hair and let it dry naturally or with a diffuser without have to twist my hair!!! Ugh!! <-- can you tell I'm frustrated??
Very Curly and Thick hair.
I think I have medium hair with normal to high porosity. And I need all the moisture I can get!!

Currently using:

C: Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing
S: Ouidad CQ/Pureology Hydrate

LI: AG Fast Food

Stylers: AG Re:coil (super soak), then CIAB and some CHS CK on top.

**trying CCCC & Beuticurls LI

Style: scrunch and finger curl where I see the hair is not clumping well. Diffuse.


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