is my hair curly or wavy? I'm new here, please help.

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hi, thanks for taking the time to read this. (:
I don't what type of hair I it 2c or 3a?
(that's with no product, and no styling)
here's some more pics, if you need them.
so what do you think?

also, my hair's damaged from three years of flat-ironing. it's also very, very thick. just giving some extra info, in case that helps.


  • leonita poraleonita pora Posts: 175Registered Users
    Your hair is gorgeous, and I can't believe you get it to look like that without product! So jealous...!

    It's hard to say what you are... it looks like you have looser curls at the bottom, and maybe underneath, and waves up top. However, that could be due to the weight of your hair.

    I wouldn't worry yet about deciding whether you are curly or not. Are you deciding to try out CG method? Cuz, if so, I have read that a lot of people have gone curlier on it. That hasn't been my experience yet, but I'm still experimenting and learning about my own hair.

    I would start with figuring out if you have fine/medium/coarse hair, and what your porosity may be. If you have flat-ironed for years, it's possible that you have damaged hair and would have a higher porosity. I would also guess you are fine-haired since you seem to have a whole lot of hair, but even with that high density it doesn't look big and poofy. That's just my guess, though. More experienced posters here might be more help.

    Good luck!
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    It looks like a mix of 2c-3a to me, using Fia's system.

    Look here for info about finding your hair's properties, which will be much more helpful in finding a good haircare routine and products.
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    I would say your hair's curly. I do suggest the Cg method, i think it would help define your curls well.
    :jocolor:I have been natural all my life :jocolor:

    And i am just starting to know my 3c/4a hair better :wav:

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    I'd say 3A because:

    It's straighter at the top and curlier at the bottom.
    It looks like it spirals, not just waves.
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  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Posts: 1,657Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Whatever you call it, I call it GORGEOUS and you can call me JEALOUS! haha!
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  • plunkybugplunkybug Posts: 2,526Registered Users
    Whatever you call it, I call it GORGEOUS and you can call me JEALOUS! haha!

    ^^What she said! ^^

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  • Jess the MessJess the Mess Posts: 5,844Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Around here it'd be considered 2C since there isn't much root curl BUT your hair look very similar to mine in curl pattern. Your hair properties are the most important thing, like others have suggested, but with your curl pattern you might have more success with other wavies routines more than other curlies routines since we are constantly trying to get root curl and avoid weighing down our whirls.
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  • wavyhavawavyhava Posts: 32Registered Users
    Whatever you call it, I call it GORGEOUS and you can call me JEALOUS! haha!

    ^I second that.
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  • MoiraIndigoMoiraIndigo Posts: 21Registered Users
    Oh my god, I'm in love with your hair!
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  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Posts: 2,121Registered Users
    All I can tell you about your hair type is that it may be in between a 2c and a 3a, though I would say closer to very wavy than curly. But what I can tell you for certain is that you have one AMAZING head of hair! Your hair is beautiful. I bet all of us wavies wish we had hair like yours without styling it! I'm loving your curls! :)
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    from the look it seems quite similar to mine - I have ringlets at the ends of my hair, but my crown is more waves (except for the front - for some reason the bits of hair that frame my face are ringlets).

    I'm sure you can bring out your curl if you put some gel in and diffuse pixie-style, if you're looking to enhance your curls.
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    Whatever you call it, I call it GORGEOUS and you can call me JEALOUS! haha!

    I totally agree!!! :love10:
  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I agree with the above, your hair is really beautiful. As other posters said, texture and porosity is more important then curly type. Here's a thread to help you discover yours: In all likelihood, the weight and length of your hair is pulling curl out. Couldn't tell if your hair has long layers in it, but something like that would help lighten it up and possibly produce additional curl.
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    wow girl you've got some gorgeous hair. :shock:
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