Curls that fall flat?

One one side of my hair, I have these full spirals that I'm in love with. On the other side though, I have limp waves that are near straight! I do everything I can to give it more curl and volume, but it doesn't work. Is it maybe because i have a side part? It's how my hair was cut, because the person insisted on cutting my hair straight, and she put a side bang in that won't go away. Ideas? Maybe I need a new cut?
My hair is stubborn. What I thought would help me only resulted in horrible, damaged hair. Straightening my hair is now the only reasonable thing I can do. So, I am no longer CG. Not until my hair gets fixed.
Goal- Long, shiny locks! Currently shoulder length when curly. Goal is to reach around right below chest area. Wish me luck! :)


  • lizzlebelizzlelizzlebelizzle Posts: 287Registered Users
    Do you part your hair on the same side every day? Maybe try switching it up and see if that helps.
  • Kelly CurlyQKelly CurlyQ Posts: 50Registered Users
    My canopy behaves like that -- straightish at the roots, lazy waves as it gets longer. I don't mind it if that is the look I am going for but if I want more curl I found diffusing really helps.

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