That Maca Boosts Energy

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In my libido thread hatingmyhair suggested maca. I didn't notice much affect on libido, but I did notice an effect on my energy. To test it out I didn't reorder and now I am sorry. I am on my second week without it. I did reorder last week and they shipped today, I can't wait to get it. It wasn't my imagination. I woke up refreshed every day and didn't get tired during the day while I was taking it. I don't think it started immediately but definitely within a couple of weeks.

I did some research and on one site someone said it can cause some side affects if you take too much until you get used to it. The bottle I had said to take 2 to 6 capsules a day (they have liquid also). I started out taking 1 and after about a week started taking 2 a day. I never went over that. BUT to get it back in my system I am going to take 3 a day to start when I receive my new order. I can't wait! I used the organic capsules.

This site has a lot of inormation. I ordered from there the first time and vitacost this time, I think vitacost was a bit cheaper but it was still this brand. I highly recommend this if you want more energy.


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    Interesting - thanks for the update. I think I'll look into it....
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