Not sure what to do

New here - and I'm not sure what to do with head of hair of mine!

It is reasonably long - just below hip, and already reasonably curly - when it is wet, it is at least 2b, but I expect that if I were to do my best to get it curly it would probably be about a 3b.

My dilemma is this - I know my hair needs some help in some way, BUT I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place for a couple of reasons.

1) I'm 'on the road' a lot and I'm not sure how to keep up anything other than a shampoo whenever I can get to a shower, (and that is without thinking about time limits on showers etc! Have got showering and washing my 'mane' in the shortest possible time down to a fine art!! )

2) I would like to nuture my curls to their full potential, a) as there are times when I would like to have more scope for different hairstyles for when I am dressing up etc, b) I can see how that is probably what my hair needs; but most of the time my work nessictates having my hair well out of harms way, (ie. I would normally pull it back in a firm plait and then twist it up in a bun) and I wear a hat alot of the time. - Any suggestions as to a half way house / foot in both camps??!!

Any suggestions and ideas would be most helpful!!

Thanks in advance!



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    The one thing that I did when my hair was longer than hip length was to try very hard to let it dry all the way before braiding it.

    If you can wash at night and condition well (I added a little mousse too) then plop the hair into a satin cap, it will still be wet in the morning but curls not pulled out; then if you can leave it down that one day will it be dry by evening?

    If so, that would let the curls establish themselves, and pulling them into a braid once they are dry might not really squash them in a permanent way, at least it did not harm my waves at all.

    So I washed once a week, overnight satin cap, left down one day, then braided up for the rest of the week, my hair stayed in good condition and curled when I wanted it to.

    This seems like it might be what you are already doing, so maybe more reinforcement than a tip.

    Your hair is probably in great condition if you leave it braided up and don't mess with it much.
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