Can I use a LI in dry hair?

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Or does it have to be wet? Ditto for mousse and stylers. I'm trying to see what I can do for refreshers in the morning. I don't have much time and I am not a morning person. My boss boss doesn't like wet hair in the morning...he thinks it is unprofessional. Luckily I don't see him much in the mornings anymore now that I've changed locations. I also would prefer to diffuse if I get my hair too wet, but since DH is a night owl and comes to bed late, I don't like turning on the dryer after he's only had a few hours sleep. So I'm wondering if I can smooth on a little condish and maybe scrunch in some mousse to dry hair as a refresher. Can someone suggest a refresher routine that is relatively dry but that I can smooth out some frizz and redefine and hold my wurls?

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