Hey fine haired wavies!! Tried AG Recoil? Liked it? No?

justajesuschickjustajesuschick Posts: 1,657Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Boy, the reviews and what I have read, asked and re-read point to non-fine haired curlies loving this stuff! The results seem mixed for fine haired and wavy chicks.

If you are a fine wavy that has tried this can you share your experience-good or not?

I appreciate it!!
I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
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  • SaroyanSaroyan Posts: 398Registered Users
    I'd love to hear more about this, too!
    2a, very fine, very thick, protein-loving, not especially porous. cg since july 2010.

    cleanse: cj daily fix, vo5 vanilla mint tea
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    treatments: ss repairing protein, ss deeply decadent
    techniques: icequeen, plopping, scrunching upside down, pixie diffusing
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    Ditto. Bumping for someone to reply.

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    Currently using a variety of products, and looking for that magic combo

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  • rymorg2rymorg2 Posts: 2,571Registered Users
    I tried it years ago when I first went CG and then modified. I believe the formula is a little different now, and more liquidy than when I used it. I can't comment on the present one, but the old one I HATED. It dried my hair out (mag. sulfate) and made me itch like mad. It smelled YUCKY too. It did enhance, but I'm loathe to try the newer more liquidy one due to the bad results I had then.

    OH eta that it didn't enhance anywhere NEAR the enhancers I have now.
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  • springlilyspringlily Posts: 59Registered Users
    I have fine, thin hair with a weak wave pattern. [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/AG-Recoil-p-24.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=ag-hair-cosmetics-recoil-curl-activator]AG Re:coil[/buylink] make my hair very curly but also very, very dry. I found it too drying to use even once a week. Not a good product for my hair.
    Wave, fine, medium texture, color-treated, porous
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    Leave in: (experimenting but like KCKT)
    PT: (experimenting)
    DT: (experimenting)
    Styling Combos: SS CEJ add SS FHG, KCKT and KCCC
    Experimenting with: Suave Captivating Curls Mouse
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  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Posts: 1,180Registered Users
    I like it - believe I do have the old version though (my bottle is about 2 years old now). I've always found it to be a decent curl enhancer (not that I've tried many, so hard here!) .Since shaving my hair my virgin hair hasn't liked it as much as my "damaged" hair - I find it alot heavier (have to really be careful with amounts or it'll look dirty), it's more drying then I remember (even though my hair has always liked mag sulfate).

    So far it's one of the best curl enhancers I've tried, but like I said I haven't tried many.
    2 something Australian :toothy4:


    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm growing out a pixie right now , but back in the day when I had long hair, my hair LOVED [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/AG-Recoil-p-24.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=ag-hair-cosmetics-recoil-curl-activator]Re:coil[/buylink], LOVED it! I'm fine/medium.
  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I used it when I was first on the boards and a winter wavy. I was still a winter wavy after I used it--didn't find it to be anything special. Obviously, I've had success with other products.
    3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity
    SE PA

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  • CurlyinWyoCurlyinWyo Posts: 10Registered Users
    I purchased this at the same time I got the sample packs of DevaCurl and JessiCurl products. I LOVE Recoil, especially over a leave in. I have very fine hair and its just past my shoulders. I use a pea sized amount of product, squish through very wet hair and then scrunch with a tshirt. Let it air dry- its crunchy, when dry I scrunch it out. I get great curls and hold and shine. More curls than I thought I had :)
  • pharaohpharaoh Posts: 156Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I just didn't like it. I read all the great reviews and got it when I first started CG. I've put it away, gotten it out probably five times now, only to put it back away.

    It makes my hair feel wonderful, very soft and silky. But for my fine 2a hair I can't do that. I need bounce and hold. I think silky helps describe it most. Felt like it was just too conditioned.

    Just didn't work for me at all.
  • waterlilieswaterlilies Posts: 9Registered Users
    I've had the same experience as curlyinwyo. I have had great results with AG: Recoil. I think it's given me the best and most consistent curl enhancement over all the products I've tried so far. I've also got very fine hair, I co-wash and use a leave in. I use the same technique as curlyinwyo except I top with BRHG as I need the extra hold.
    2a/b, fine, low porosity, needs very little protein

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    Leave In: Nature's Gate Tree Conditioner
    Stylers: CURLS by Target, BRHG
  • SujiSuji Posts: 87Registered Users
    Fine haired wavy, here. I personally like [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/AG-Recoil-p-24.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=ag-hair-cosmetics-recoil-curl-activator]Re:Coil[/buylink], it's the best curl enhancer I've tried so far that actually does something (though I haven't tried a ton..only SS CEJ, [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Kinky-Curly-Curling-Custard-p-778.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=kinkycurly-curling-custard]KCCC[/buylink], and Alagio's curl balm). I do have to be careful with the amount I use, only about a 2 peas amount for my almost midback length hair, any more and it weighs my hair down and makes it look and feel producty. I rub it between my hands, lightly smooth over, and scrunch it in. I haven't had an over-drying problem like I've read about others, I always put it over some sort of leave-in/moisurizing product, and under a holding product (mousse, usually).
    -2b/2cFi-ii, med pososity?.
    no silicones/sulfates, but lowpoo 1x week (GTTT)
    GVP CB or LVP Glossy Volume; Curl Junkie Smoothing Gellie, AG Re:Coil, HE Mousse.
    still on a mission to find my hg combo.. :)
  • Laura SLaura S Posts: 33Registered Users Curl Novice
    I tried the re:coil for the first time today, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I'd previously been using [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/MOP-C-Curl-Curl-Defining-Cream-p-918.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=modern-organic-products-csystem-ccurl-curl-defining-cream]MOP-C curl defining cream[/buylink], which gives nice definition but often makes my hair feel too product-y. With this product (larger than a pea-sized amount for my shoulder-length hair), my hair is softer than it's ever been, but I'm not seeing the definition that I'm used to, especially in the front. Perhaps I'm not using enough, or need to layer it with another product. Since I love the softness so much, I'm not giving up yet!
    Keeping it simple so far...
    Shampoo/Condish: Deva Care No-Poo, Wella Brilliance Conditioner for Colored Hair
    Currently trying: Deva Ultra Defining Gel
  • DoodlesDoodles Posts: 1,984Registered Users
    I've used [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/AG-Recoil-p-24.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=ag-hair-cosmetics-recoil-curl-activator]re:coil[/buylink] for years!! It's one of my must-have staples. Personally I like like to combine a pea size dollop with a small puddle of B&A gel.
    2A/2B, fine, normal porosity

    Growing out a pixie as of November 2013 :elephant:

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  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Posts: 1,657Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Well, so far my hair thinks that Recoil is a really nice leave in. My hair is soft as can be but my waves seem less defined. I have tried it just 3 times so far. the best time was mixed with SS FHG and BRHG on top.
    Tonight I tried Recoil alone, diffused and then added BRHG. I am gonna need A LOT more BRHG in the morning.

    I get my MOP Curl Defining Cream in a couple of days so I am eager to try it. If it does not work I am gonna give up trying and stick with SS FHG and BRHG. They work and I have gotten consistent results with them.
    I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
    2b, medium-fine, normal-low porosity, medium density and elasticity
    CG since 7/1/2010

    Cleanse: Abba Color Protect
    Condition: DevaCurl OC
    LI: CJ-Deep Fix, Beauticurls LI
    Curl Enhancer: CHS Curl Keeper, KCCC
    Gel: Alba Strong Hold Gel, BRHG, Hugo Naturals Gel, SS FHG, CJPP
    Trying/Maybe: Ecostyler, CJRM
  • pharaohpharaoh Posts: 156Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Gotta say I got my first tube of Mop C this weekend and love it! Recoil is too something for my hair, weighs it down. With Mop C I thought oh my hair feels light and smooth, that stuff must not have worked.
    When I got to a mirror I realized I had major waves with NO sticky, crunchy at all. I'm sold!
  • WavyLyss489WavyLyss489 Posts: 5Registered Users
    I'm a big fan of the [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/AG-Recoil-p-24.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=ag-hair-cosmetics-recoil-curl-activator]Re:Coil[/buylink]. It's one of the first products I used and it's one I can always go back to. I am with the other who say they have to be careful on how much they use. If I use the perfect amount it's a great enhancer but if I use too much it makes my waves crunchy and wet looking. It only took me once or twice to perfect the amount I used though. It's a great product to try out.

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