new with multiple hair types?

toxicmommytoxicmommy Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi I'm a noob and I'm lost! sorry I've read the stickys but maybe I'm missing something
I've figured out that I have 1b hair in front on top on the bottom of the front I have 1c, and pretty much from my ears back I have a combo of 3b and 3c this do I even begin to deal with this?

I've been no poo for a while now (just baking soda and ACV) but no product at all I hate the crunchy slick feeling look so up in a pony it goes.

Please just give me a starting point even if it is just to anther thread


  • misskeziamisskezia Posts: 2Registered Users
    My hair is the otherway round, much curlier at the front and the back kind of goes flat. Maybe if you had layers cut into the front it would curl more?
  • swell28swell28 Posts: 52Registered Users
    We have the same hair texture! Mine is so flat on the top layer and the front, and very curly in the back and middle layers and then it goes flat at the bottom again. I've been just using a clipless curling iron to curl the flat layers. I wish I had a better solution!
    Someone help me make my hair look like Merida from Brave that's all I want.

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