And so ends my first CG week!

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WOW! I never thought I'd have this kind of relationship with my hair! Since starting the routine, I wake up excited to do my hair- I mean, I get to take a hot shower with sweet smelling products! Prior to CG I would wake up to iron my hair, no time for a shower, and any yummy smelling products I used would have their scent burn away in the end.

Honestly, this has changed my whole attitude regarding my hair. I think of my curls as my friends now, and it can only be downhill from here. :)

There's sooo much info on this site, I feel like I just took a crash course in curly! And I still don't know very much (WHY is everyone so obsessed with protein?). Now I'm proud to say I'm 18, I have 3a curls, and I will take care of them as long as they're on my head!

I've been using TIGI Moisture Maniac, and TIGI Oatmeal Honey conditioners. I also bought Suave Naturals Coconut, since a lot of you on here like it. Made some Flax Seed Gel.... OMG what a product! I love it! And, as a vegan, I LOVE that I can make something soooo environmentally friendly and natural! That works?! Too good to be true. ;)

So, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to this site and all its members, I've learned so much this past week, and will only learn more. I'll post pictures soon (no avatar because my hair was ALWAYS straight before and I thought it would be silly to put a pic of me like that now)!



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    I'm new also so I know exactly how you feel :D

    the thing about protein is that some people's hair likes it and others don't. Mine does not.. a lot of protein makes my hair feel like sticky straw. I think it's because my hair is medium/coarse. But I guess if you have fine hair protein is good? You just have to figure out what your hair likes and dislikes.

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    2cFii (fia), normal/normal, bleached, loves protein.
    Seborrheic dermatitis diagnosed 02/2016
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    Congrats on going no poo! And welcome to NaturallyCurly!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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