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Well, its been a while since I have been on the website.
This whole year i havent straightened my hair fully ever- which is a massive thing for me!
But I still cant embrace my curls...
when I style my hair I lightly go over my curls with my straightener so the curls are less boofy and more wavy.

and recently- probably the past week or so
ive hated my curls i just feel like crying
it feels like my hairs not growing AT ALL.
all my friends have beautiful straight hair and i just have frizzy ugly curly hair :(

if i had nice curls and my hair was as long as i want it to be i would be fine but its not. when straight my hair is just below my bra strap and when curly ITS CLOSE TO MY SHOULDER.

my self confidence is so low because i have this hair...
its quite depressing acctually :sad9::sad9:
3A/3B- Depending what mood its on. Lol.
Dark Brown
Bra Strap Length


trying to get the confidence to embrace my curls

growing it out.
goal:waist length.

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