Curl Junkie samples

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Anyone want to make me a CJ goody bag/box? I like everything SS so far, but I'm really itching to try some CJ...I'm just not in a position to order anything online right now, especially with the wedding and trip to Nashville next week (I've had to take a loan from work in order to go as I can't miss my brother's wedding). I can do a swap with some Curls For Target stuff or some small gift or something I can get locally that I could trade with (like I did with elita and the goodies she sent me in spring).

ETA: Alex was gonna send me some, then something happened, and elita was gonna send me some, and then something happened with her neither were able to send me anything.

Lady Caiside, Noble Lushetarian and Wavy Wayfarer of Mugglswick, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

2b-3a Fii, porous and low elasticity

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