3b's and tex-laxing?

Right now, I'm only trying to get info on the process.....I haven't had any sort of chemical process on my hair in almost 15 years. I know next to nothing about tex-laxing.

I love my 3b hair......but sometimes I wish it were a wee bit more manageable. I'm not trying to get 2-category hair by any means, but I WOULD like a little more hang to my hair.

Also, is there a way to "spot-treat"? My hair on top is a lot thicker and more dense than the underside of my head. My top hair and the hair around my hairline are the main areas I would tex-lax, if that's possible.

I have seborrheic dermatitis and there is ALWAYS some irritated area--or broken skin--in my scalp at any given time. So in all probability, I won't do ANY sort of chemical process to my hair at all.

I was wondering if anyone had any info? Thanks!

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