I will do anything to get my pre-accutane hair back! Please help!

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Hi fellow curlies,

I need your help. I was on accutane (or clavaris, rather -- the generic version of the drug) for my skin, after ten years of oily, greasy, pimply sadness. Now my skin is awesome, but my hair has suffered tremendously. I am scared to take showers because it falls out in clumps without even manipulating it. It is straw-like and will not hold moisture. My curl pattern is destroyed, and I am getting see-through patches on the sides of my head. I estimate that I've probably lost around 40% of my hair in total.

I have tried putting in heavy proteins to make my hair stronger, deep-conditioning every day, not shampooing, cg method, cones, baggying, oiling meticulously. Nothing has helped, and my hair continues to fall out in clumps and be dry (combing it is even worse. I get clumps the size of my palms.) What can I do? I'm thinking of taking a b-vitamin or biotin, because I heard that one of the side-effects of clavaris is biotin loss. I will try any pill or product. Tell me everything you've got, because I'm desperate and can't afford to lose any more hair.

I have taking to wearing my hair in twists, mostly, to prevent tangling (and the depressing detangling process). I was on the medicine for five months, and I got off of it at the end of June.

*Note: I know people like to bash on accutane/claravis, but trust me, it was an informed decision and I'm happy with it. It was a huge self-esteem boost for me. Please refrain from lectures about the dangers/side-effects of Claravis. Thank you!

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I figured out the problem: cones without sulfates. :rolleyes:

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    My best friend and my sister had similar effects from accutane. My sisters thick hair is now thin and curlier than before but it did grow back. My best friends hair is thin and straw like. She opted for wearing braids and weaves.

    I don't know what you can do but I can say that I don't think there is anything that you can put ON your hair to save it. However talk to a trichologist, perhaps they can prescribe something you can take to build your hair from the inside.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with DerbyCity about seeing a doctor.

    I was reading about your issue and saw this section of an article that I though was interesting.
    Accutane does not damage the hair follicles, it changes chemical receptors, none of which are related to hair loss. It makes them more responsive, causing a "shock" to the body. A lack of sebum, (oil by follicle production) also occurs. Accutane "dries" oil-producing glands in the body, to dry up the excess oil producing the acne; it also can affect other oil producing glands as well, which includes hair. As the hair follicle is dried up, it loses its ability to continue to "grasp" the hair and it falls out. A new hair starts to be produced, but is a much finer, wispy hair not as strong as the previously lost hair

    You may, in addition to seeing a doctor, try oiling your scalp with some light oil every night- camellia (the bomb!), sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado are ones I like.
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    that's interesting you said the medicine causes biotion loss. lots of girls talk about biotin for hair growth but be extra careful, there are a lot of threads here about how biotin causes breakouts. the hair you have left might not be repaired easily. try to focus on healthy new growth. would you consider a bc and starting fresh? with flawless skin i bet you could pull off a beautiful short cut.
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    As the hair follicle is dried up, it loses its ability to continue to "grasp" the hair and it falls out. A new hair starts to be produced, but is a much finer, wispy hair not as strong as the previously lost hair

    That is exactly what happened to my sister. Her hair felt just dry and crunchy so she chopped off her almost waist length hair back to collarbone. She opted for sleek straight styles because her hair had no volume so she felt she looked balder with her hair curly. But the good news is that was 4 years ago and her hair grew back and is healthy. She no longer has thick hair it is more average I guess but is not fine or scalpy.
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    In addition to all over advice given, I would talk to a holistic nutritionist or naturopathic physician that may be able to recommend foods and supplements that can help with skin and hair health (omega fatty acids, MSM, zinc, etc and so on).
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    agreed. I think you have to start from the inside out
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    Everyone here has given you great advice and you could follow a combination of all of them. Hair growth starts from the inside out so a healthy system will produce healthy hair. Conditioning the scalp and the remaining hair should also be a focus. No manipulation should keep the hair that you have. Keep us posted on the course that you choose and the results. Good luck.
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