A School Surprise

MsHearts&StarsMsHearts&Stars Posts: 13Registered Users
So at school I always use to where my hair in a ponytail but then last year I decided to let it all out and when I went to school everyone was like OMG you have beautiful curly hair and I was like ahh well :laughing6:. And ever since then I have been letting my hair out and my friends always wanted to see my hair out too so that is my story!!!! <3


  • LeeeahLeeeah Posts: 58Registered Users
    Awh, that's great! That happened to me, too. :D My friends love my hair curly. They always compliment it It really raised my self-esteem. :) That just goes to show, if you embrace your curls, everyone else will, too. :)
  • shadowofzstatue3shadowofzstatue3 Posts: 16Registered Users
    Oh my gosh! Thats exactly what happened to me too. :) Alot of people didn't even know i had curly hair haha. Some people didn't even believe me when i said my hair was naturally curly i guess they figured i like scrunched it or something haha. But people compliment it alot and it really makes me feel more confident. I'm glad it worked out for you guys too! :smile:

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