Spiral Solutions Deep Treatment

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I have a sample of this. How do you Curlies like to use it? My hair is fairly thick and I realized today that my lack of shine and such is because it is so dry! I am sure being in the sun almost everyday does not help it! It is too hot for a hat sometimes so I just wear a Buff Headgear band. I haven't DPed in years!:laughing3: I used to look at NC a lot... then I didn't... then I did... then I didn't... now I will!!!!!!

May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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    I generally use it as a follow-up to a PT, but either way, do it this way:

    -wash whichever way I decide for the day

    -add PT to wet hair for an hour or so and then rinse (optional if you want protein)

    -add DT to wet hair and wait for an hour or so, then rinse

    I like to add the PT and DT to fairly wet hair as I find they distribute and detangle better, though they usually say apply to damp towel dried (or t-shirt/flour sack blotted) hair. I apply in sections, making sure to cover all my hair, and then detangle with wide tooth comb, though fingers alone often work. I think combing helps distribute it a bit better. I do squeeze some water out by hand and then twist it up with a jaw clip. Sometimes I wrap in saran wrap and give a hit with the blow drier.

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    Thanks. I used it on wet hair! My hair liked it!

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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    I also use it after the PT, but love it as a leave-in too. It works really well under the CEJ & FHG.
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    I still have some of the original caramel latte scent, so I never used it as a leave-in (I grew to hate the scent). BUT...since it has no protein, it's fabulous to follow protein treatments (any, including the SS one, of course). This and Curl Rehab and [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Jessicurl-Weekly-Deep-Conditioning-Treatment-p-106.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=jessicurl-weekly-deep-conditioner-treatment]Jessicurl WDT[/buylink] are my go-to no-protein deep treatments (and they are all very effective for my hair).

    I use it as described above when I'm too lazy to pull out the soft bonnet dryer. When I want to shorten the DT time or my hair is so dry that I need it to really penetrate, I put on a processing cap, use the soft bonnet hair dryer on medium heat and leave it blowing on me for 20+ minutes. Heat makes a huge difference, I find, in making PT and DT tx's effective.

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