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I discovered a new product line that has me melting in happiness. Wondering if anyone else has tried it. Eufora. I have a hairdresser/stylist I've sworn by for... years now. My scalp has been itching just inside the base of my hairline and she used the Urgent Care Shampoo on it. Wow... It smells delicious (especially for someone who loves peppermint) and felt like my scalp was just getting a spa treatment. It's stopped itching! It's all 100% natural, which impressed me to no end. Nothing waxy or gunky here. She swears by it. My hair smells amazingly good for having any product in it. The first ingredient is aloe! It is rather expensive; $22 for a rather small bottle, but my hairdresser really likes me and is looking into the brand more for samples and how long is would take for me to go through a bottle of it. I'd spend a little extra for this sort of haircare every shower!


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    Love it if you'd add some reviews here!

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    I use Eufora's Solidifi Firm Hold Gel and it does wonderfully, just as well as BRHG without the itch or plasticky feeling. That's the only product I use though.
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