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I am somewhere between a 2b and a 3a. My hair has always been wavy. I do have the hair that sticks close to the head, but with cowashing, that has improved.

I've been cowashing a few months now. I usually use Sauve coconut, but recently bought a VO5 to try. I am not overly impressed with either one. I think I like the Suave more, but when I wash, I have to put on TONS. If I didn't get ok second day hair, I'd easily go through a bottle in a week.

The only other thing I am using is LA Looks Sport gel. On vacation I tried LA Looks power spikes since I got it free couponing and they only had one Sport left and I had two coupons. Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try and if I didn't like it, ds would get it. I loved how my hair did with it, but I could not scrunch it out. I couldn't even finger comb because it was so stiff. I have also tried HESMU and Bioterra gel and curl creme and none of them work as well as LA Looks Sport.

Anyway, the conditioner...I have tried to do the "ice queen" method, but I can't get the squishy feeling in the shower. I don't know what the problem is. I can get squishy using the gel after the shower, but NEVER with the conditioner.

Is this how the suave behaves for everyone? My hair behaves fairly well after using it so that isn't the problem. I just think there must be something better out there for me. I am afraid to try more expensive things when I am using SOOOOO much product now.

What might I be missing? Any ideas?


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    Usually people use Suave/VO5 to co-wash, then use a more substantial conditioner as a rinse-out. So the squishy feeling would be with the second conditioner, not with the co-wash. I'm also fairly new to this, so I'm sure others will have more advice, but that's my input for now.
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    What she said. Also, do you know your hair's properties. Getting the right protein and moisture balance is key to great waves. The most important thing for protein/moisture balance are to know your hairs porosity
    and texture
    article on protein and moisture balance.

    If your hair likes LA sports, why keep looking? I wish my hair liked that 2$ gel. But if you want to date other gels, LA curls is also liked by some people who like the sports.

    You might also like to add a curl enhancer or curl cream. Many of us find that this combined with a gel works better.

    This thread might help give you ideas. find someone with similar hair and see which products and techniques they use. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    My hair did not like the suave, ever, any kind of it. It didn't seem to understand the idea of cheap conditioner as cleanser. I do shampoo sometimes and in between I don't co-wash, I just condition. With good conditioner, the fake Biolage Balm from Walgreens. So a wash day once a week or so, with a gentle shampoo, and anything in between just condition and detangle.

    (This is my usual method when I can't get the CJ Daily Fix - which actually DOES co-wash, in the sense of cleaning the hair and scalp with no stripping at all. I can use just the CJDF for as long as the bottle lasts, for co-washing. I have this now and getting lovely results, just like the other time I bought it. But its price is 20x the Suave so definitely, absolutely, understand if you don't buy something so expensive.)

    "Squishy" i thought just meant you had enough water and conditioner and gel in the hair that it felt slimy and sounded squelchy when you scrunch as part of the styling. I like my hair to feel like this when I scrunch it.

    But in the end, you say your hair is behaving, and if your hair is looking good when it's done, and feels good, then what you are doing must be working, right?
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