Henna on semi permanent hair

AdamTanzAdamTanz Posts: 11Registered Users
can I put henna on semi permanent colored hair that has washed out?


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    AdamTanz wrote: »
    can I put henna on semi permanent colored hair that has washed out?

    As a matter of fact you can, as long as it is BAQ (body art quality) henna which contains no metallic salts or chemical dyes. Keep in mind that the color you end up with will be affected by the color of your natural hair AND the color that it is dyed. Always do a strand test. HTH!
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    Henna on a semi permanent hair,you must a do a henna on a whole hair on this a already a through a some time and this a best for a hair and you mix a egg,curd,aloe-Vera this a best for a hair.
  • AdamTanzAdamTanz Posts: 11Registered Users
    my hair is jet black how do i lighten it with out damaging my hair?

    thank you btw for your brilliant responses
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    Yes to the original question about henna over washed out semiperm. Have done this and it worked fine.

    You can't lighten without damage, sorry. You can only lighten by removing color from the hair, and you can only get that color out by bleaching it and the bleach can't get at the color without damaging the hair. So even if you use lemon juice or whatever, the bleaching-up of the color will damage the hair.

    If you really want to lighten though, you might think the change in color is worth the damage. Then you should just go ahead and do the color and then use protein treatments and conditioners to bring some of the lost health back to your hair. The henna will also restore the hair somewhat, though you may get an alarming orange color if you put it over bleached hair!

    Your hair is still black after the color you put on it washed out? What color was it dyed?
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