Ever considered changing your first name?

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This isn't something I'd do anytime soon - I'll have to give it a lot of thought, and I have other priorities right now - but, I've been considering it for the future. I've always thought my name is too little-girly, and it doesn't really suit me. I have the Irish heritage, but no red hair and freckles. I've been thinking about Margaret. It's very sophisticated, and I love traditional names. It's also kind of like McKenzie. Yes, it's an "old lady" name, but I know a few younger Margarets. I don't think it will come back in style anytime soon, though, so we won't have a ton of little Margarets running around. What I wouldn't like is the nicknames people would try to give me. I've been trying to get away from Kenzie now that I'm older, but it's difficult.

You have to pay $200 and have the change posted in the local paper. Being in a small town, I wouldn't like that because so many people know me and would ask all kinds of questions. If I moved back to the city, though, which I may eventually do, nobody would care.

Have you ever thought about changing your name, and why would you do it?


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    Yes, I did think about changing my name when I was younger. It's an unusual name, and I just hated it when I was a kid and well into my 20s -- I so wanted to have a "normal" name. But I'm glad now that I didn't change it. Somewhere along the way I realized it actually did suit me, and I really like it now. Definitely give it a lot of thought before you do anything. Personally, I think McKenzie is a lovely name and quite sophisticated.
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    No, but if I decide to go forward writing the novel I've been thinking about, I will probably use a pseudonym.

    When I was younger, I wouldn't have minded having the French version of my name...instead of the English version.

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    I have an aunt (who is irish) named Margaret, and she's a very stylish and glamourous woman. So I approve of the choice...if you decide to go forward. But yeah, I know a few people who changed their names (basically to their middle names) and their decision to do so does seems to arouse a certain degree of suspicion or something among other people.

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    My mom changed her name when she was in her 20s. Nothing drastic, she just combined her first name and her middle name.
    She said she regretted that - not sure why, she just said it was a spur of the moment thing. Nobody ever calls her by that anyway - I don't think most people even know about the second half of her name.

    Anyway, I like the name Margaret, but McKenzie (that is your first name, right?) is pretty, too. :)


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    I've thought about it. I used to HATE my name... I mean hate it with a passion. It's kind of grown on me though. It annoys me that nobody ever pronounces it right when they read it, and I have to say my name 3 times when I meet people before they get it right. It's not like my name is allthat hard either, I don't get it. I'm not really sure what I'd change it to, if I did. I don't like common names, but I would like one people can read/say correctly.
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    I love your name. Margaret is nice too. Do you have a middle name that you could use instead of your first name? My husband has never been called by his first name (Harry). Instead he uses his middle name for everything. His business cards have H. and then his middle name.

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    From about age 7 to 15 or so I seriously thought it would make life easier. What should be a simple name was always such a bothersome thorn to continually repeat as people couldn't pronounce it right. Or always wanted to know the story behind it. A kid just gets tired of it. Then I realized it was unique in a good way. The story was an easy ice breaker to use. If people didn't get it right (even after working with them for 3 months :lol: ) I didn't care. I knew when and if they were talking to me or about me. I grew very comfortable with just being different and having the label (name) to showcase that.
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    I think when I was very young, I hated my name for a quick second, but I got over it. Now I love my name, though I use another name in my profession. Thing is, at 36, it's STILL very rare for me to run into anyone else with my name. I have NEVER met anyone who spells it the way I do. Plus there is a town in North Dakota that bears my name... SO cool. 8)

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    sort of. I decided at one point during college that I was gogin to go by my middle name becuae I HAD it but it never got any use. Over the summer break I was working with MDPRIG (Maryland Public Interest Research Group) in one of those low-paying college student crappy jobs and I decided I'd go by the middle name. It was so weird, People woudl call me and I wouldn't react, then i'd realize they were talking to me! Or I'd be annoyed thinkg "Stop calling me that!" It was weire dbeing addressed by a differnt name. so when I quit the job I quit the name as well. But somewhere out there there is a small group of people who know me only as X.

    As A kid I love, love, loved the name Anastasia and wished really hard that it was my name. but I got over it my real name has a cute shortened form that I prefer so and it's not very common and I like that.
    Sorry to ramble, just chiming in with my experiences. take fro mit what you will. by the way I think McKenzie is an awesome name. unique yet not crazy.
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    I thought about changing my name. In the 70s there was a "Say It Loud, I'm Black & I'm Proud" movement and parents gave their children muslim names because of a lot of Africans were muslim. But of course I have an English last name. I thought about changing my name because I thought white Americans didn't know about that movement and would think my name is unusual and difficult to pronounce. It is a rather common Muslim name. In school, several other people had the same name. Two of my girlfriends have that same name and my old roommate's friend had that same name. So although it may seem foreign to white Americans it is a very common name among blacks. But then I realized that if I stand out as a person, they will remember my name.

    The writer Zadie Smith changed her name from Sadie when she was a teenager.

    I know someone with an 80s black name, who has changed her first name to her last name, Jackson and uses her married name as her last. There have been studies that show if you have a stereotypical black name on a resume', your more likely to get passed up for an interview because they assume your black and an unsuitable candidate.
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    nappymd wrote:
    There have been studies that show if you have a stereotypical black name on a resume', your more likely to get passed up for an interview because they assume your black and an unsuitable candidate.

    I wonder if this has affected me at all, since my name is stereotypically a Hispanic name. I imagine that any name that doesn't sound "white" could be a disadvantage.
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    Today I like my first name. It's not common, but I'm sure you've all heard it because there is a well enough known actress with the name. However. It does not go well with my maiden name. Pronounced slightly off from the way my parents did, they almost rhyme. What my parents were thinking, I don't know. I should have changed to my middle name, which I've always loved, when I went to high school, but didn't think of that soon enough. By college, it was too late because I wound up rooming with a girl I knew through friends and she would never have remembered to call me that. When I got married, there was no question that I would change my last name. Now it's all good.
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    Bailey422 wrote:
    nappymd wrote:
    There have been studies that show if you have a stereotypical black name on a resume', your more likely to get passed up for an interview because they assume your black and an unsuitable candidate.

    I wonder if this has affected me at all, since my name is stereotypically a Hispanic name. I imagine that any name that doesn't sound "white" could be a disadvantage.

    I know a lot of black people with my last name. Especially in the city where I used to live, my first name is becoming a popular baby name for blacks. Not that that is a bad thing, but I was called for interviews by black-owned firms and corporations there, and I think they were fully expecting a black person. Margaret is definitely not a black name, so maybe it would be a good idea, granted I don't get married in the next few years, if I change it if/when I move back. It would help cut down on confusion.

    I thought about using my middle name as my first, but it's one-syllable and I don't like how it sounds when used alone with my last name.
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    When I was younger and we moved from the South the New England, I thought about going by my middle name instead of my first. My first name is very unisex, and having to share it with boys while I was in school was horrible for me. If I changed it, I would've been Kayla, which is a variation of my middle name (before I changed it to my maiden).

    Thank GOD I didn't. I couldn't imagine being anything but my name. Sure, it bothered me in school, but what DOESN'T bother you like that when you're a kid? I think I totally grew into my name, and I love that it's not very common.

    My kids are going to have the same problem, b/c although I don't name them things like Apple, or Shiloh, I don't use very common names.
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    Nope, I like my name. (Lydia Denise) My father and brother vetoed the name my mother had chosen,(Robin) and I am eternally grateful. Sorry, if there are any out there- the name just doesn't suit me. :wink:
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    Bailey422 wrote:
    I wonder if this has affected me at all, since my name is stereotypically a Hispanic name. I imagine that any name that doesn't sound "white" could be a disadvantage.

    My husband says this about my name. I used to think about changing just the last letter. But I really do like my name.
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    Nope. Thought I do wish everyone could(or would at least try) pronounce it properly. I know very few Leticia's and I like it that way. My middle name I don't care for, but I would not change it since it was my grandma's name(Herminia).
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    I'm of Irish heritage and my middle name is Margaret. It was my gramother's name, it is my aunt's and cousin's name as well. I also know about 3 others, so where I'm from it's still popular! I love the name!
    Anyway, sorry about that little tangant. To answer your question, I thought about changing my name when I was younger, I mean, Jackie? I felt like a boy. But as I've gotten older I completely identify with my name and can't imagine being anyone but Jackie (or jax which is my other nickname) ~~jax
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    LOL...not even family could pronounce my name correctly at first! :lol: I do sometimes go by my middle name but no, I'd never legally change my first name.
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    McKenzie is a lovely name. One of my best friends (incidentally 1st generation Irish woman) is named Margaret. We all call her Maggie.

    And she's one of the best people I know. So it's a great name choice as well.

    But don't change your name. McKenzie is unique.
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    I won't ever change my first, middle, or last name.
    But I've never gone by my first name. Not because I don't like it, I do. But my parents called me by a nickname from the day I was born and it suits me. My nickname is on my bank account and some credit cards, etc. Only strangers or telemarketers call me by my real name.
    In PA you don't have to go through the courts to change your name, but it makes it easier to do it that way.
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    I've thought of changing my name too but the problem is that I don't know what I'd change it too. I've always hated my name. I hate the way it sounds. I'm also not keen on my middle name either. Sorry I'm not telling you what it is. I'll tell you that it's of Italian origin. It's a little uncommon. When I was younger I'd get really mad when I looked for those trinkits like key chains and things with your name on it, but I could never find my name.
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  • When I was little I didn't like my first name. I wanted it to be Erica. Now I love my first name. I'm not even sure why I didn't like it to begin with. I'm not crazy about my last name, though. If you don't speak Portuguese it's almost impossible to pronounce correctly. I have thought of dropping it and just using my middle name (which is technically a last name, anyway) if I don't change it through marriage.
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    I legally changed my first name when I was 18. I didn't change it to a completely different name, but to the nickname that I have gone by since birth. It was not a nickname like dan is to daniel, maggie is to margaret, it was a different name. I was just got danged tired of explaining to people no, I dont go by name x, I go by name y. My former legal name was just not me, and I shuttered when anyone referred to me by it. First days of school were a little dampered by my name issues (I also had a difficult last name).
    It never felt right to put my nickname on important documents, especially when they specified that a legal name must be put down. So when I got to college and all by professors were calling me by my legal name, I didn't bother to tell them that I went by a nickname, I just decided it was the last straw and that I was changing it.
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    i never really liked my name all that much... it think its kind of plain.
    if i were to change my name, id have to think of something i really really like. but, i have no idea what! :roll:
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    I used to desperately want to change my first name because I didn't know anyone with it and no one ever pronounced it correctly, even though it is NOT difficult to pronounce. I wanted a 'normal' name or a common name. I dreamed of being a Jessica or a Jennifer or an Ashley. Sometimes I'd write my name as that on things just messing around. I can recall that I wanted to be called "Jessica Nicole" for a really long time.

    Now I love my name (obviously since I always use it online as well - or maybe that's because I'm not creative :P). It's very "me" and I could not imagine having a different name.
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    Not that I remember..I am sure as a kid,I thought it was too plain or something,but now-I LOVE my name :)
    There aren't a LOT of Mary's around(ha,but my two best friends are named Mary!)
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    My name is Soni = pronounced like SONY TV I was made fun of all the time because of that name. Now EVERYONE loves my name and so do I ..Its different and cute. I hate when people mispronounce my name and call me..

    son..Yes this has happened


    Oh and I LOVE your real name...
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    It never crossed my mind that MacKenzie was a childish name. I always thought it was a cool, fun name.

    I can see how it would bother you that it is gaining in popularity among new babies, because so is my name, and it probably doesn't have the cache (?) it used to have.

    I know you are going through a rough time, so changing your name now might not be the best idea. You could regret your decision, and want to return to it later.
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    Like many of you, I didn't like my name very much. It is a pretty common name but with a different spelling so it was pronounced a little differently than the more common name. I hated going to a new class and having the teacher mispronounce my name during roll call, and then I would have to speak up and correct him/her. I found it embarrasing.

    Now I love my name, and wish it was still as unique as it was before, but now it's becoming a more and more common name, esp. among Latinos.
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