How do I find a Deva stylist near me?

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Does any one know how to find a stylist that knows the Deva way to cut or at least knows a little about wavy/curly hair?!

I just got back from getting my hair cut from someone I've gone to a few times and liked. Of course that was when I hated my wavy hair and always straightened it. I washed my hair before I went because I have read how horrible sulfates and silicone's are. She wouldn't cut it dry so I told her just to wet my hair down instead of wash it.. Without telling me she fully washed my hair with brands that are full of sulfates and silicone's. She cut my hair shorter than I told her I wanted which is going to look insane when I style it curly. That's another thing, she straightened my hair! I'm frustrated right now and desperately need to find a stylist who knows about wavy/curly hair! I'm in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

Sorry for the rant but any help is appreciated!
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    u may have to travel. b/c there are deva stylist where i live, which is baltimore, md, but i dont trust them at all b/c i have heard some horror stories. when my hair grows out some more, imma go to devachan in NY. thats the best official place u can go b/c they are known for their good jobs and local ppl u really dont hear anything about.

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    You can try the salon review section on this website, many salons have quite a few detailed reviews and name specific stylists. You can also try review websites like Yelp and check your local newspapers for "best of" awards polls. The way I found my stylist in my last city was by asking people with wavy or curly hair that I liked for the name of their stylist. That's how I'm going about it this time, but so far everyone I've asked cuts their own!

    Also, did you tell the stylist that you were unhappy and that she didn't listen to what you wanted? I think it is worth calling the salon to talk to her, and it may also be worth letting the manager know your concerns. A good stylist will make sure they understand what you want and explain what they are going to do to your hair to make sure you are both on the same page.
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