Going from Long and curly to short...But how short do i go?

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So I have long mid-back length curly hair and i really sick of it.Ive been growing it out for a while now just to see how long it would get and how long i could stand it .I love it but its getting to the point that its to long and to heavy to handle everyday. So i want to cut it short, but its been a :!:REALLY REALLY:!: long time sense i cut it short.

How short should i go? Im looking for people who have 3B hair that can offer advice on how short is to short to show of my curl. Or how long is to long to be counted as short hair?


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    I've never had hair that long, nor am I in the 3b category, but from reading what other long haired curlies have said I would start off with not a major drastic cut. Maybe cut off 6 inches at first, and if that's not enough, cut off a few more. Going from long to short gradually should help you from going into "short hair shock".

    With 3b curls, I would think shoulder length shows off your hair and also allows for more styling options than if it was bob lenth or shorter.
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    I agree shoulder length is the shortest you should go. Any shorter and it might be harder to manage than the long hair (trust me I had to learn the hard way:( ). And to a add a litte demension as for LONG layers. I also agree that cutting little by little will help prevent the "short shock". this lady accidentally cut off wayyyy too much (past my shoulder length tolerance) and i honestly left the salon in tears.

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