Don't think I want to ever go back to a hair cuttery :(

ciciswimsciciswims Posts: 3Registered Users
The first time we went to this Hair Cuttery in Lake Ridge, VA , I made sure to request someone who knew what the were doing with my long 3a curly hair because I wanted to cut my hair a tolerably short length for my state swim meet. The woman who cut it did a decent job: a long layered cut that went about 2 inches past my shoulders when my curls are dry. About 7 months later I go back in this time to find my curly mid-back length hair in the hands of a different woman. I asked her to trim off 2 inches and keep my long layers. It started off ok. She even told me when she was starting to make the layers. I thought I was in good hands until I watched her chop way more off for layers than I thought she would. I thought I was going to cry when I left because she had shortened my hair to shoulder length with choppy layers (not layers). Clearly she had no idea how much certain curls retract when the are dry. Now I'm about to leave for my first year of college with a confidence killing haircut and I'm searching for a way to quickly grow back my hair. :sad2:


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    How has your first semester of college been? Did you find anything that helped you grow your hair?

    I had the same exact issue yesterday. My curly hair was just above my waist yesterday morning. I went into the salon to cut "no more than 2 inches" from the length and the shape the layers. I walked out with hair slightly below my shoulders---I have no idea what happened with the stylist. My hair has NEVER been so short, because it looks really puffy and bad with my face at this length. I was crying, so the salon did not charge me, but I am so miserable. I can totally empathize with you and was wondering if it grew out in the 5 months since you posted this.

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