Wavy hair with ringlets?

My hair is driving me nuts! I follow modified CG and plan on going even MORE CG once I use up this sulfate shampoo I have.. I have tons of it and it was too expensive to just toss.. and then I'm switching to sulfate free twice a week instead or maybe once a week. This is enough to get out amodimethicone right? I know wavy hair sometimes works with washing more frequently, although I can't remember how often was recommended.. I have some ringlets though! I have like two that almost always form on one side of my head. I have trouble even getting my hair to be wavy in the back (it's a little limp and won't form waves) but I can get ringlets in the front. What gives? I wish I had a whole head of them. Any recs for getting the back wavier? I don't comb my hair, I get out of the shower and put in my leave in, toss my head over and scrunch with La Bella Lots of Curls, then when it gets to be just damp I scrunch in HESMU, flip my head over, and scrunch some more. Then I use a little gel to smooth the frizz on the top of my head. Is it my routine? Should I try plopping with my hair in a MF turban or something? Or should I try a new gel/leave in? I use Garnier Sleek and Shine leave-in and like I said above, La Bella Lots of Curls (contains glycerin high up on the list if that has anything to do with it) and HESMU. I was thinking bout trying Herbal Essences Body Envy because I think I've heard it has better curl formation..but I'm open to any and all suggestions!



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    Hrmm...I have a couple thoughts. One, what is your hair length in the back? Is it all one length or is it cut into layers? If it is all one length, or very close to it, it might help "wake up" your waves a bit to take a bit of bulk out of the back with some light layering. It will also give your waves room to move and perk up. Two, are you diffusing? My hair is 3A and very fine, and I find that if I diffuse I get a LOT more curl and volume, as my hair can go limp verrrry quickly. If I leave it to air dry by the time it's dry the curls have relaxed to much...I have to flash dry it almost ;).

    As far as the ringlets in the front go, a lot of us get our curliest hair around our temples and such because that is really the only hair on the head that had virtually no weight directly on top of it to weigh it down. Some are just more pronounced than others. :) But it makes all our curly heads unique.

    Good luck!

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    I'd like to know what's your hair history before you started trying to cut back on shampoo, like if you thermally straightened your hair and how often, if you have color-treated hair (and what color) and related to what transpogue said when was the last time you had a haircut/trim and how it was done.

    A great number of curlies have more than one type of curl in their hair (just look at my nickname...) but the good news is that the more you get into true CG and also apply some of the tricks we've learned here all your hair may get curlier as time goes by. One favorite that does work is using an Epsom Salt rinse. I just re-posted a basic recipe and variations in the Recipe forum.
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    My hair does that too. It happens. :)
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    I've never really done anything to my hair..never dyed or thermally straightened or any of that. I usually air dry but I'm considering getting a hairdryer with a diffuser that has cold and hot setting... Does cool air still work? I'd like to do something totally undamaging, which I assume cool air is?

    My hair is layered but the layers are getting grown out and aren't much shorter than the longest parts in the back.. once I get it the length I want (bra strap length) I plan on getting some layers, so maybe I'll see more wave then.

    Thanks for the input!:)
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    Then like most of us you have two kinds of curls. :)

    If you use just cool air it may take you very long to get dry. What I do is start out with the high speed/warm, then low speed (you could go down to cool) and I only partially diffuse and let air dry the rest of the way. Only if I'm pressed for time I go "all the way" but I tend to get a little frizz that way.

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    One thing you might try is a curl-enhancer like [buylink=]Jessicurl Gelebration spray[/buylink]. I use it on my underneath layer, which is nearly straight, and it really boosts the curl. I use it under my styling product. (Which is usually HESMU.)
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    My hair is curliest right by my face too. It's shorther there and angled to frame my face so kinda no wonder :D
    I have some spots that are sometimes not as curly and here's what helps..........
    I use recoil all over my head and those wavy parts especially.
    Make sure you get your leave in conditioner on those parts (sometimes parts I used to go light on the conditioner would be less curly) and make sure you get your gel on their real well too.
    I keep my hair well hydrated. Well conditioned with a conditioner my hair loves makes for ringlets on me.
    I scrunch that part after I put conditioner in in the shower, then after I put product in I scrunch well there. It brings the curl back that my shower head seems to pummel out of shape.
    I use a diffuser on low air flow but high heat to dry the hair before the water weight pulls some of the curl out.
    I also scrunch my hair in the beginning of the drying process.
    If I use a stiff gel I actually scrunch when the gel hardens so the hair can continue to spiral around (if you get frizz from this I'd skip it but I don't get a lot of frizz)

    I'm sure I've forgotten something but that's what I do :D
    Once a week is good and doable or twice a week if you need it to get out that A cone. I use that cone too with no problems.
    Body Envy is good for holding the hair in place and keeping your curls put. I like Batia and Aleeza (sold here at curlmart) it's really nice for a natural feel with good hold.
    Good Luck! HTH
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    another vote for using [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] and a diffuser.
    I have been using recoil since the weather changed and I cant believe what a difference it makes
    for forming ringlets they just spring!!!
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    I totally second [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] , CG and difusing too.. been using [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] since sept and my wavy hair has curled up tremendously with this stuff . if it wasnt for another nice curly that sent me [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] i wouldnt have all this curl now..its been my HG stable and i have found a place in my area that carrys it now . i just bought two tubes and that 1 tube that was sent me to lasted me for 3-4 months cuz all i need is a quater size blob that i scrunch it all over. i use to use a gel over [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] but lately [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink] is all i need . i also use a diffuser and that helps i dont like a wet head when its cold outside. i get clumpy curlys all over including underneath my nape of my neck since that spot is barely a wave, i get curls now under there . doing CG has helped my hair come out with curls that i never knew i had! :D
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