Too many products to choose from

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Hey people,

I am on my 4th month of transitioning yeah!!! and I have not done the big chop even though i am cutting quiet a bit off at a time when it needs a trim.

Now i have researched all sorts of products but i start getting overwhelmed with them all what is good and what to stay away from. My hair dresser introduced me to Africare which felt ok with my hair!!! has anyone used this product from the shampoo to Conditioner and what are your thoughts as i want something that wont cause build up but at the same time keep the moisture in my hair.


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    Iv'e never used that product, but i do reccomend Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. It makes my hair feel really soft, and it's not to expensive.

    I think you should use sulfate free shampoos, so it won't dry out your hair.
    :jocolor:I have been natural all my life :jocolor:

    And i am just starting to know my 3c/4a hair better :wav:

    Shampoo- Pantene Dry to moisturized
    Conditioner/ Leave in/ - Aussie Moist/Garnier Fructis leave in LOVE THEM!

    Sealants: Indian Hemp
  • Lil MoLil Mo Posts: 4Registered Users

    Thank you i am going to try the Hello Hydration this weekend i will keep you poste on how my hair takes to it. my hair id very thick so fingers crossed.

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