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Anyone ever take a zumba class? Did you lose any weight?


  • sarah42sarah42 Registered Users Posts: 4,034
    I'm hoping to start taking a Zumba class this fall. I have a coworker who goes, and she says it's really fun and a good workout.
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    sarah42 wrote: »
    I'm hoping to start taking a Zumba class this fall. I have a coworker who goes, and she says it's really fun and a good workout.

    I'm probably going to start this week. I looked it up on youtube and it looks interesting! I'm not much of a dancer so I'm sure that I'm gonna look ridiculous.

    I just hope that I lose weight.
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    Zumba is great! I take a class here and there when I can, and I love it. Everyone looks ridiculous, and that's why it's fun! haha. I've even considered going for an instructor certification, I love it so much. It is a great work out, especially because you don't realize how much cardio you're doing until -BAM- you've been shimmying and shaking and lunging for an hour. :happy4:
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    I could NEVER do zumba. I would spend the entire class looking lost and not being able to get a cardio workout aha
    I need simple routines.

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    A couple of my coworkers are pretty much in love with Zumba. They work up a great sweat and love it. Classes like that aren't really my thing (I'm a runner, not a dancer!) so I can't speak personally about it, but if you like dancing it sounds like a fun way to get a workout.

    Neither of my coworkers have really lost any weight from Zumba, as with anything else it's a matter of calories in vs. calories out. It's super easy to eat the calories you have burned without even realizing it--that said, exercise is important for more than just weight. Find something you like and get moving!
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    I love Zumba. I'm a runner and it's a good 'off' day workout for me that always leaves me in a good mood.
    I think your experience will be shaped by your instructor so find a good teacher. I've been to some classes where I literally leave dripping in sweat and some where I know my heart rate didn't go up becasue all we did was grapevine around the room...
  • longhairdivalonghairdiva Registered Users Posts: 6
    Zumba is great ... and quite the workout! I am so tired after taking the classes that sometimes I don't want to drive home! It has helped, though, and I would recommend it. I have also had great success using P90x. Check them out: P90X Reviews
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    I've taken a few zumba classes and they are a good workout. They are also hard on my knees because of the quick transitions. I take and teach Nia which is just as effective as a cardio workout but much kinder to the body. It's done barefoot,entirely to music, and progresses from warm up to get moving to cooldown and floor play. I have lost pounds and inches and am usually soaking wet after a class. To find a class to to www.nianow.com
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  • mailgirlmailgirl Registered Users Posts: 451
    to find a class to to www.nianow.com

    hee hee I got a picture of a matador when I clicked on your link!

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    I have gone to Zumba in the past and it is a lot of fun! It may seem complicated but you can do your own thing if you have trouble! It did help me get in better shape, I think! I am going back next week. I hope to do two to three classes a week...

    May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

    My silly veggie blog: vegefattien
  • beautifulRainbeautifulRain Mid-AtlanticRegistered Users Posts: 189
    I love Zumba and I'm actually going to instructor training tomorrow! I have never been overweight and I've more or less always been active, so I can't say that it helped me lose weight because I didn't have any to lose when I started taking the Zumba classes this past January. My legs and abs do look more toned, but then Zumba isn't the only workout I do...

    It is really fun and with my instructor, I sweat a TON. Some people wear calorie monitors in class that register between 900-1100 calories burned in about an hour! My instructor is definitely more intense than others, and you get out of it what you put into it, but it certainly can be an effective part of a weight-loss plan. I think 500 calories/hr is average for Zumba classes. If you are intimidated by the choreo, just do something at your level and try to go in the same direction as everyone else. You're there to burn calories and have fun, not get every step exactly right. Most gyms will let you "drop in" on a class for a small fee, so you can try Zumba for a couple bucks, and if you hate it, oh well. You still got a workout and now you know. They also have DVDs - you may be able to find them at a local library if you'd prefer to try it at home first (and for free!). :)
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