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Hi, everyone! I am a total newbie - today is only day 2 of going full-on CG. I have been obsessively reading this site and especially the boards for days now, and the wealth of knowledge here is tremendous! I have a question that I hope someone can answer - I apologize if this should have been in the Newbie or General Hair sections, but I thought the salon/stylist section would be more appropriate.

So my hair right now is about chin-length, grown out from a short (like 1.5") all-over cut. We have been working for almost a year now on getting it to an inverse bob with a fairly stacked back, and I'm thinking that in another month or two, the sides will finally be to the length I've been wanting. (Yay!) Up until this point, I'd been regularly straightening my hair with a flat iron, so my stylist had (with my permission - nay, encouragement, even - eek!) been using thinning shears and a razor to keep the bulk out - razoring in the back, thinning in the back and on the sides. Now that I'm embracing my curlies, though, I am having lots (to me, anyway) of frizz, especially on the canopy. I can see that some of this is because many of the hairs are so short from the previous thinning and razoring, but I am wondering if some of it is also because it's only day 2 of my CG regimen and maybe I should not expect to be completely frizz-free just yet.

Here is my conundrum - I am scheduled for another haircut on August 30, which will be about 6 weeks from my last cut. Would you recommend going ahead and keeping this appointment, making sure to tell my stylist about my new CG regimen, not letting her shampoo or use 'cones on me, and having her trim my layers only without the thinning - or should I forego this appointment and wait a few months for the shorter pieces that had previously been razored and thinned to grow a bit longer? Now that I am not flat-ironing, I don't know that I need to be so militant about keeping my hair evenly trimmed every 6 weeks anymore.

And on a related note - how long should I let my head get used to this new regimen before I start messing with products and routines and stuff? I know that right now, my scalp is all "wtf?" and not knowing what's going on, and I'm feeling like I shouldn't be running out and buying every CG-friendly product I can find until my head gets used to what's going on and I can really see how it's responding to what I'm using now. I've seen people say anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks - is it really going to take that long? And in fact, might it even take longer for me, since I have to grow out my thinned hair, too? Any advice that anyone can offer will be HUGELY appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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    congrats on going natural!!! at first you may be asking yourself why did I cut it all off? then asking what do I do with my hair now? don't worry, it's a process of figuring out what's best for your hair. you might want to try coils and let it grow out. you might just want to wash and go, or let it grow out and put two strand twists in it. whatever you do, stick with it, and don't let anyone tell you when are you going to get a "hairstyle?"

    I wore my curls short for many years, but have decided to grow it out the last three years. In between I've had braids, weaves, and kinky twists. all that took out and thinned out my hair, so I'm just wearing it curly with a moisturizer in it. my hair is covering my ears, so when it's hot, I can put it in a ponytail or a clip. I will let it grow out, but I need to figure out what to do with it once it gets cold. In Cleveland, Ohio that may be by September 1st. LOL.

    Wearing your hair natural opens up many styling options, enjoy them all.


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