Possible I damaged my growing pattern?

greydovefeatherwinggreydovefeatherwing Posts: 12Registered Users
I always had long hair all my life and never cut it. I was born witha full head of hair which the nurse told my mom would fall out. It didn't. :rabbit:

A couple years ago I went to a Domnican salon, one I fequented for my rollersets, and the stylist told me I needed my ends cut. This was true, but she took off a good six inches! Since then my hair has never really grown back to its full length which reached the small of my back.

Is it possible that my hair will never be that long again? I've since had it trimmed and am looking for ways to keep it growing, but its so slooooowwww. Does hair stop growing with age?


  • moo49moo49 Posts: 118Registered Users
    Nope hair is always growing but it might slow down. Sometimes genetics determine that or you hair growth may be in the resting phase of the growing cycle.

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