Need help with hair color

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I strayed from Robert Craig color.
My hair had been getting really dark so I decided to use the Color Fix. I did the full color correction.
Hair was orangish and uneven.
Went to Sally's beauty supply.. lady said that's normal.
I told her what I wanted and she led me to the color then picked out the developer.
Permament Color plus 30 developer.
Mix to equal parts.
Ok, I was in a hurry applying the color but thought I covered everything... had my 13yo who's anal help me.. everything covered.
I rinse, apply product and was out the door. Get home tonight and my hair color is uneven. Some parts are darker than my roots and my ends. If I dig thru my hair, I can find spots that I didn't get the color all the way thru to the roots.
What can I do to fix this?


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    That Color Fix stuff often leaves the hair orange and brassy if you've previously dyed your hair. Also it says on the ColorFix website that sometimes it can't remove all of a semi-permanent dye because of their formulation.

    Hence people tend to put another color over the hair when they are done with the ColorFix to either change your color or try to go back to their natural color with a dye.

    I'm not sure why the woman at Sally's had you use a bleach when you just removed that layer of color in your hair... but I guess she was trying to help you remove all the orange ?

    Frankly, I think that was a bad idea because that stuff is damaging as heck. I wonder why she didn't just take you to some demi-permanent hair colors.

    Unless you are trying to make your hair really light or something ? What color are you trying to dye your hair ? If you are just trying to get your hair back to a decent even color.. just go to the drugstore and get a non-permanent dye that's close to your natural hue. Like Natural Instincts by Clariol.

    I used Color Oops like last year to see if I could strip off any black I used for years. It worked but my hair was brownish-orange..very brassy. All I did was used an ammonia free hair dye that I got at the drugstore to bring my hair color I wanted. It worked out very well.

    Clairol Natural Instincts has a pretty decent variety of shade colors that may interest you. It's a non-permanent dye but it does contain low levels of hydrogen peroxide. It's not to expensive and can be purchased at any drugstore including Walmart and Walgreens.

    Or just go back to your Robert Craig.
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