How do you know...

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...if you are losing too much hair?

I don't have a point of reference really because I have had severe breakage from relaxers since about age 11--I'm 44 now. Four years ago, it was so bad, I started wearing my hair braided up under hair weaves so that it could grow. At that time, my hair barely touched my shoulders, and was only an inch long in some places. There was broken hair all over my bathroom, my pillow--everywhere. So I don't know what "normal" is for me.

Fast-forward to now...after 3 years of hair weaves, my hair is now a litle below BSL. I stopped the hair weaving in Nov. 2009. I don't remember losing as much hair then as I have been over the last 6 weeks or so. I'm really trying to tell myself that I'm imagining it and just wasn't paying attention, but I don't really think that's the case. I don't know what's a "normal" amount of daily hair loss for me. My hair hasn't been this long since age 11. It's not just's full, long hairs. I have very dense but very fine hair. I wash every other day. I have had highlights done twice since November, which are very damaging to my baby fine hair, and I'm wondering if maybe this is breakage from the damage, though I see dark roots on many of the lost hairs.

My birth mom is 61 and has a full head of hair. I'm not seeing any obvious thinning or patches or scalp through my hair, nor are my parts getting wider, but seeing that wad of hair every time I wash my hair is very disturbing to me.

Being unemployed, I don't have medical insurance. I'm not sure what to do!!! Besides panicking, that is!!! What would you do/have you done? What are some other telltale signs that one's shedding has reached an abnormal level?
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    From what I've read, it's normal to lose an average of 100 hairs per day. So, some of your hair will fall from the roots (the dark roots ones) and that's normal (unless it's a number hugely more than the average, I guess).

    Highlighting is very damaging to hair, so the breaking probably will occur on those strands.

    The only way you'd know what's normal hair loss is if you stop doing any damaging stuff to hair and the damaged part grows out (we're talking years), so I guess you'll like not find out what is normal for you.

    Curly hair mats (hairs get stuck in the curls) versus straight hair which sheds off (hair falls out to the ground). So, curly haired peops will SEE more hair come out when it's washing time due to the loose, trapped hair being pulled out of the curls in the washing/condishing/combing out/detangling process.

    Hair will thin with some medical issues, but if you don't notice any other changes in your energy levels, etc, and your parts aren't showing significant change, then it's more breakage within the hair (prolly in the more fragile areas).
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    im not an expert or anything but you need to be careful with weaves. they reduce the amount of oxygen that gets your hair strands making them thin and likely to break off. the weight of the weaves also puts a lot of tension on your hair.look at naomi campbell now, unfortunately :(

    i think if you stop coloring it (for awhile) and start the curly girl method(if you haven't already). try some natural products you might see an improvement.

    determine your hair type and work from there:

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    its is normal to lose about 100-150 strands per day. when u see actual strands it is scary, but count them if u want to make sure that it isnt over this amount.

    when i first saw all the shedding, i freaked out. ask my man, he was comforting me when i was crying about going bald lol.

    also make sure you are being extra gentle w/ ur hair too.

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    My hair shedding goes in spirts. Sometimes I won't get that much shedding in the shower (little ball) and other times I'll get this humungous clump and it freaks me out. I haven't figured out whats normal and not normal for my hair in years, and I don't think I'll ever be able to.
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    How can I tell if my hair is falling out?
    Dr. Michael Roizen
    Chief Wellness Officer,
    Cleveland Clinic

    Grab a group of hairs on your head (aim for about 60 - or the amount that would fit through a straw). Starting at the base, gently tug at the hairs, pulling up and out.
    Results: If more than a tenth of the hairs that you clumped together at the beginning come out when you pull, it's a sign that you may be experiencing some accelerated hair loss.

    Hair loss is a side effect from my medications and also a symptom of lupus which I have. When I'm flaring and really losing hair, my family and I find tufts of hair EVERYWHERE- in every piece of laundry, inside lunch boxes, in the dishwasher, everywhere. It's obvious that it's really falling out. You can also find bald/thinning spots on my scalp.

    How do you feel? Are you having any health issues? If things are different, you may want to see a doctor. Not having insurance tho, I don't know how that works.

    Be sure you're getting adequate protein in your diet, that you're not anemic, and/or consider taking a vitamin B supplement.
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    Does anyone take Biotin supplements for thinning hair?
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    don't discount your age. as we get older our hair falls out more and gets thinner. sad, but true. :laughing8:
    i would forego chemical highlights for henna. i'm 44 too. a few years back when i dyed my hair regularly it looked like mush. now, even though it's naturally thin and soft, it looks healthier.
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    Your hair is very long so when you see that clump of hair in the shower it just looks like a lot of hair, but if you separated them and counted them, its probably not as many as it looks.

    My hair is shorter now than it was about 10 years ago and I used to always think my hair was falling out when it was long due to the large hair balls in the shower. Then I cut it above sholder length and it seemed like only a few hairs had fallen out in the shower.
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