Ive Done everything to my hair....

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Ive done just about everything to my hair...when i say everything its probably the truth. Ive dyed it a whole rainbow of colors; both professionally, which is they way i normally go and Ive used the boxes from CVS or RiteAid, Ive even used the stuff from Hot topic. I am currently growing my hair out, its the longest its ever been down to the middle of my back. But ive also cut it really short in the past to. I used to pull it back when i was younger because i didnt know who to take car of it. It was straight back in a tight ponytail.I dont really have it down that much but over this past year i have really figured out how to take care of it so its down a lot more than it used to be. i straightened it for a while but that got old fast, it took to long and my hair hated being straight.

So now im just going with my natural curl. and im looking for some help.

I would say that my hair is some what damaged, its not in total ruin but its not silky smooth either. Ive been using Garnier frutice for a while and its worked fine...so far. But i went to a salon i had never been to before because they were offering a curly hair treatment with the Deva line of products. I liked what they did but i wasn't overly happy with the way the stylist applied the gel, i though it was an insane amount and my hair felt like crap, all gross and sticky/greasy feeling. Im experimenting with the One Condition and the No-poo as well as the mister-right. I dont have the gel because Ulta was out of it when i went there. But im trying some stuff that i have already.

What im wondering is peoples opinions on the Deva line of products. Also if anyone has a suggestions on what to used that might be better...and less expensive. Any help would be great! :wave::wave::sign9:

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