Soooo BKT are everywhere

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Anyone tempted to give it a go?

I don't know. I do straighten my hair every now and then. It doesn't take me long to do and whilst I do like it straight I am usually sick of it in a couple of days as it feels too flat.

I don't have big frizz issues either.

But I am such a PJ am having trouble resisting!


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    have you got a quote of how much it will cost you?? One of the girls I work with was interested in it until she was told how much it would cost her... $500 ish I believe, YIKES! Not sure if she got a quote for the right one though *shrugs*
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    I was considering doing it. In fact one of the reasons I have gone natural is because I was straightening my hair all the time, which was damaging my hair.. and only lasting a few hours before it kinked up again. I very nearly got either BKT or chemically straightened in some way.. so I thought before I spend a fortune I'll try this way for a bit and embrace the curl.

    I got a quote for my hair.. its about medium to thick hair, and about arm pit length and I was quoted $500, and the products that you "have" to buy on top of that were $80!!! AAAANNDD it only lasts up to about 4 months at the most.. so that's an expensive experiment.

    I spoke to my hair dresser and she told me its not worth it.. she was considering training some people up in her salon and decided against it, she said its not reliable enough, and you don't get the results you expect, it doesn't really get rid of the curl just smooths everything out a bit, you will still have a wave.

    I don't know really I know loads of people on here rave about them...

    If you do decide to get it... let us know how it goes, and whether you think its worth it.
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    After years of straightening... I am ditching the straighteners and embracing the curl!

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