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Hello, all! First of all let me say, I looooove my dd's curls. I'm am constantly telling her how gorgeous her curls are. Last week she came in and had cut the back of her hair...probably close to 4 or 5 inches worth. So today, after reading this forum for the last couple of days, I took her to the salon to get it evened out and just tried our first time co-washing it. Her hair is pretty healthy but the ends tend to dry out. Hopefully if we start doing this, and leaving the conditioner in her hair as a leave-in, it will help it grow and stay healthy.
I do have one question though. I have super straight thick hair. I'm thinking her hair is probably a 3c/ I right on that? I'm trying the tightly curly method starting today. Wish us luck!
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    she's precious! i'd say 4a
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    Adorable! Let us know how the tightly curly method goes for you!!

    I'm a straight haired mom of a curly cutie, too! Translation = I spend most of my time drooling over my daughter's gorgeous curls! :D lol
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    She's adorable.
    Looking at her curls, it will probably be a good result using the tightly curly method. Remember if it doesn't come out the way u would like it, u can always change upt he conditioner you used.
    Upload a pic of the results please, I wanna see.
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    Her hair looks 4a. A lot like my oldest. I would suggest the tigtly curly method as well.
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