cheap sulfate-free products?

after reading the thread about increased shedding from sulfates, ive started to think that maybe my hair has been getting thinner from sulfates.

does anyone have any suggestions about good, cheap (like drug store) sulfate-free products. As i am a college student i don't have a lot of extra money to spend. Oh yeah, and can i keep using my beloved la looks curl look gel?


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    If you're asking about shampoos Cream of Nature is the cheapest one that I know of and works well. I got that at walmart for under 3$
    Activate makes a sulfate free shampoo that is nice that's oh a little over double that i believe it was. That can be found at some Walgreens CVS , online and at Ulta.
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    Hi redbadgercurls! Sulfates are normally only in shampoos, so you are good to go with your LA LOOKS gel (btw, I am going to get some of that and try it, since it gets good reviews!).

    I have noticed some increased shedding and thought it may be due to sulfates too, so I just today, switched back (again!) to full on CG, meaning washing my hair with conditioner only and not using harsh cleansers. I usually use Suave Aloe or VO5 Kiwi/Lime to co-wash and sometimes no poo from Devacurl.
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    Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.