What is a good, cheap shampoo that I can find in grocery stores (e.g. Tesco)

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Okay, this is going to take a bit of time to explain.
I've been cowashing my hair for months now and it has improved a lot since normally washing it with Pantene.
Problem is, I've been keeping it a secret from my Mum and recently, I HAD to tell her because she knew that something was up.

The reason why she thought something was up, was because my hair was wild and felt like bone. It wasn't soft at all. But that was because the conditioner ran out, so I didn't wash it with anything (I just rinsed it out) and that was the result.

My Mum immediately thought that it was the CONDITIONER that was ruining my hair and forced me to wash it again with Pantene (she thinks that Pantene is the best shampoo ever). When I washed it, it seemed to weigh the curls down and the curls weren't as defined as when I cowashed it. Plus, it felt like it was being stripped down, because of the sudden change of texture.

I had an argument with her about it and tried explaining to her why Pantene wasn't good for my hair, but she refused to listen.

My Dad, on the other hand, used to wash his hair with soap as child (so he doesn't like to splurge on anything), so when I asked HIM for conditioner, he got angry and said that the Pantene shampoo was enough and that I was asking for too much (We are broke at the moment). So I've made a deal with him that we'll go to Tesco and choose the kind I want and stick with it. All I wanted was a conditioner, really, but I also have to get a shampoo to keep my Mum happy.

What shampoos are there that aren't as harsh as Pantene, designed especially for curly hair, doesn't have Sodium Chloride or any harsh ingredients etc, that I can find in a grocery store like Tesco? Last time I went, I haven't seen any of those low poos that most of you guys talk about, so I'm afraid I can't get my hands on those. :(

Any help is appreciated. :D


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