Long Island Curlies - I have a stylist for you!!

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I have been searching and searching for a stylist on Long Island who actually KNOWS how to cut curly hair. And I've finally found him. I have never been so pleased with a haircut before. Chris is knowledgeable and takes his time. My only gripe is that they use their own line of products and nothing is CG, but for the price, experience, and results I got, I was more than happy to come home and use a sulfate shampoo to get rid of the cones! He's not a Deva trained stylist, but he knows A LOT of techniques for cutting curly hair.

For those of you who might know what I have been struggling with (3 HORRIBLE haircuts over the past year), I had a lot of mismatched layers and strange angles cut into my hair. He spent nearly 2 HOURS cutting my hair just to fix it. All I've ever wanted was my layers to blend in the back and not look like I have two haircuts (which is what has been happening), and an angle in the front (and not a 90 degree angle which is what someone gave me. Can you believe it?! There has literally been a HOLE in my front angle for over a year). Finally finally FINALLY I am a blended beauty. My mom told me yesterday that it looks like a lion's mane back there. I take that as a compliment! I highly recommend Chris at this salon. Good luck!

TRU Salon
437A North Country Rd (25A)
St. James, NY 11780
*Ask for Chris, and tell them Toni sent you!*



3a/3b*Thick & Coarse*Low Porosity
COwash: DevaCurl NoPoo
Condish: DevaCurl One, TRESemme Naturals Conditioner, AOHR
LI: KCKT & DevaCurl B'Leave In
Style: DevaCurl AnGEL, HEBE, HESMU, Joico Joiwhip, DevaCurl Set it Free, TRESemme Naturals Finishing Spray
CG since: 3/20/10


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    Thanks for the post. Your hair looks beautiful! I was wondering if the stylist cut your hair wet or dry and what the price range of the cut was. I'm always concerned about stylists taking off too much length. It doesn't look like this wasn't a problem eventhough he had to work with your hair to fix it. Beautiful haircut!

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