Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner (a.k.a. Henna)

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I saw this at Whole Foods last week and picked it up on an impulse because I was so thrilled to have finally found henna locally.

"Chemical free. 100% Pure botanical hair color. Cruelty free. No animal ingredients; No animal testing. Complete application kit. The complete all natural hair color & conditioning program. Free of harsh peroxide & ammonia! Plus fully illustrated instruction includes cap & gloves."
Nowhere on the box does it actually say "Henna," but look at the ingredient list: Lawsonia inermis. Duh.


APPLICATION: Anyway, I applied it three days ago (ignoring the instructions in the box because they recommended mixing the henna with hot water & only leaving it on the hair for an hour - HAH! I went with the instructions/recommendations from, and I am fairly pleased with the results. I mixed the powder in a plastic bowl with lemon juice and lukewarm chamomile tea and added a bit of clove powder and cinnamon to counteract the signature wet-dog/cut grass smell, then covered the bowl with saran wrap & let it sit overnight. Applied it to dry hair with the included plastic gloves, wrapped my head with saran wrap & let it sit for 4 hours.

RINSING: Rinsing it out was a bit of an adventure. This stuff is quite gritty and messy to get out. I ended up sticking my head upside-down in the half-full bathtub while my sister poured cups of water through my hair. After the worst of it was out, I still had to take a shower & cowash the heck out of my scalp.

RESULTS: This henna must have a much lower dye content than the stuff from, because even after three days of oxidation, the color is still quite gingery-orange-red, as opposed to the fiery-ruby-auburn I am accustomed to getting with henna. It's a pretty shade, but not quite what I was going for. However, my hair is very soft and shiny, feels thicker/stronger after just the one application, and has virtually no frizz.

BOTTOM LINE: A decent alternative to buying online, IF you want light/ginger results, and IF you follow conventional henna preparation wisdom instead of the included instructions. I will snap a picture today & post it with a comparison shot of my henna'd hair from two years ago to illustrate the color difference. (I cut my own hair)
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